Step-by-Step Guide on How to write a blog for beginners in 2024

How To Write Article For Blog? – This question often comes in the mind of every blogger who has recently entered the world of blogging or whose blog posts are not ranking in Google.

It is also important to get an answer to this question because a person can earn money from a blog only when the quality of the article published in the blog is good. Along with this, Google also helps in ranking the same article that people like to read.

Content Is The King You must have also heard this and this is also true because the better the content, the sooner a blog becomes successful. SEO is a very important thing in blogging but it is more important than that whether the article published in the blog is good or not?

The article should be such that after reading it the visitor is satisfied and he must come again to the blog. So in today’s article we are going to tell that How to write a blog for beginners?

If you read this blog post, then you will understand very well what is the way to write a blog? What are the things to keep in mind while writing a blog? What are the things needed to get an article ranked in Google?

In this article, we will give you the same information in detail that How To Write Article For Blog? If you are really interested to know how to write a blog post, then read the Article Writing Tips given by us carefully.

What Is Blog? & How to write a blog for beginners?

Blog is a type of website where information on various subjects is available in Hindi, English, Urdu and many other languages. Articles are present on many topics like science, technology, treatment, education, business, love, food etc. on the blog, which people read and get information through internet.

A blog is a kind of digital book that can be read by smartphone, laptop and computer. The person who writes the information available in the blog is called blogger and this whole process is called blogging.

What Is Blog Post?

The content published in any language in a blog is called a blog post. Through these blog posts, a person gets information about various topics. The better the blog is and the better things will be explained in it, the more users will be satisfied and they will definitely come to the blog again and again.

Next we have given you information about this How to write a blog for beginners? We have given some important tips below which you must follow if you want to write a good blog post.

how to write article for blog? – How To Write a Good Blog Post?

To write a good blog post, we have given information about all the necessary tips that a person needs in the following way.

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Research about the topic

Whenever you go to write an article on any topic, then before writing the article, spend 1-2 hours and do a good research about that topic, what do you have to write within a topic. Also, go to all the good blogs and read what type of article they have written on the same topic. At least 5 to 6 blogs must be read if you want to write a good article.

Create a Blueprint of the Article

As soon as you do Content Research, after that you have to prepare a blueprint of the article. Blueprint means that you should prepare a list in advance of which headings and subheadings are required to be written in the article. For this you can use MS Word or Google Docs.

Write New Information

Do not do it at all that you thought of writing an article on a topic and after researching it wrote an article, but later it turns out that the information contained in it is old which is not valid for the present time or that information There is a need to change according to the present times.

Therefore, try that you write completely new information in the article so that users get to learn new things. Apart from this, if any blog post is already written, then keep updating it from time to time. The information should be new as well as accurate.

Write Based on Your Experience

Many times it happens that if you want to write an article about a topic, then you have personally experienced about that thing. Therefore, if you want something like this, then you must use your personal experience, that is, write your personal experience in the article like a story so that readers can connect with your blog.

Use Easy Language

Always write your article with easy language so that every visitor who comes to read the article on your blog can understand everything very well. The easier language you use, the better the users will understand your point. Speaking in common language, the article should be in such a way that even the weakest of the weak and the person with less mental inclination can understand the matter.

Write Short Paragraphs

It is often seen in many blogs that very long paragraphs are used to write articles, which is not correct at all because it is not easy to read large paragraphs. In between, the reader may forget which line he was reading and he would not understand it when he read large paragraphs. Therefore, paragraphs should be short so that readers can read easily.

Use Bullets

To make the article attractive, the bullet must be used when reading the need. By using bullets, the reader’s attention remains on the article and he does not get bored while reading the article. For example, if a list of things is given, then you can use bullets or you can display things like profit and loss through bullets.

Write Articles According to the Heading

It is good to read an article only when it is written according to the heading. By writing according to the heading, we mean that the most important heading should be first. After that the heading must be less than that. In this way, all the headings should be in one line so that the information can be well received by the readers.

Do not copy article from anywhere

Do not copy the article on whichever topic you are going to write from anywhere. Of course you can get information from other blogs but do not copy the content written by someone else. Rather write the article according to your understanding and diligently.

Write Introduction in the beginning

Whenever you start writing an article, then you must write a basic introduction that on which topic you are going to write the article? Which information are you going to tell in the article? Also, definitely write the focus keyword of the blog post in the beginning paragraph.

Write Quality Content

Whenever you are writing any article, then after doing good research about it, write a good and quality content after considering it. Never be in a hurry to write an article because by doing this you are not able to write a quality article.

Use Images

To make the article more attractive, you can use one or two photos related to the article inside the article. Using photos makes the article look even better.

Write Complete Article

Always keep in mind that the article you write should be a complete article. It means to say that if you are writing an article on the basis of “what is computer”, then it should have complete information about computer such as meaning, types, generation, inventor, advantages, disadvantages, uses etc.

Here are all the important tips that we have shared with you and which if you follow properly then you can write a good blog post comfortably. Apart from this, we have given some tips here below. Do take a look.

  • Do keyword research before writing an article about any topic.
  • Keep updating the old blog from time to time.
  • Get good knowledge about blogging.
  • Publish the post correctly.
  • Whatever headings are written in the article, give them an attractive look. For this you can use Plugin.
  • If there is a need to make a table in such content, then definitely make a table.


Q.1 What to write in blog?

Ans:- To write an article in a blog, you need to set some topic or the other. The subject can be any such as science, technology, treatment, education, business etc. You should never write articles on different topics in one blog. Write only on one or two topics about which you know very well.

Q.2 How much money can I earn from blogging?

Ans :- If truth be told then there is no limit to earn money from blogging. You can earn as much money as you want from blogging. However, earning from blogging depends on what type of topic you are writing an article on.

Q.3 What is the job of a content writer?

Ans :- Content writer is generally a person who writes a complete article on any subject like science, technology, treatment, education, business etc.

Q.4 What is a blog, explain with examples?

Ans :- Blog is a kind of website where articles are published on different types of topics by a content writer or blogger. A blog is similar to an online diary that can be used on a smartphone, laptop or computer.

conclusion – How to write a blog for beginners?

You must have come to know how to write an article for a blog or how to write a good blog after reading this article completely. Because through How to write a blog for beginners article today, we have given you some tips, which if you keep in mind while blogging, then you will be able to write a good article. Along with this, we have also given answers to some important questions at the end. So we hope that you have liked the information given by us. If you like this article then do share it.

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