How to Configure Virtual Host in XAMPP

How to Configure Virtual Host in XAMPP

Today, We want to share with you How to Configure Virtual Host in XAMPP.
In this post we will show you Setting up Virtual Hosts WordPress Windows 7 with XAMPP, hear for xampp virtual host windows 10 we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about How to add a Virtual Host in XAMPP with an example.

Virtual hosting is a most IMP method for other running hosting multiple domain names created (with separate run mode handling of each name) on a single server used. This allows one server and then to share its all resources, such as memory default and processor cycles running mode, without requiring all any services provided to simple used to the same host name in local.

Step 1 : virtual host

Open the “hosts” file       localhost       yourdomainname

Step 2 : setting on virtual host


    DocumentRoot C:/xampp/htdocs/

    DocumentRoot C:/xampp/htdocs/

Step 3 virtual host in xampp

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Restart XAMPP and now run in your browser and then run in your browser: 

Other ways to Step By Step setting up to virtual host

  • You need to generally have XAMPP installed in your system
  • and then Open up the Xampp server control panel and stop the Apache.
  • now call the open to Navigate to this path
    C:/xampp/apache/conf/extra or wherever(Like as a xampp,wampp,etc..) we installed xampp server.
  • Fire up simple your text editor Like as a(Notpad++) with administrative privileges config and open up httpd-vhosts.conf file or search found in the path C:/xampp/apache/conf/extra open folder
  • At the very bottom in your file source code of the file paste the following this code and changes
NameVirtualHost *:80

DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs"
ServerName localhost

With out that find the line of source code you will lose access to your simple ip as a default htdocs directory. IE. and run this http://localhost/ will be inaccessible.

Now copy this code and paste the code below here
.. below the simple first code….

DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/"

Order allow,deny
Allow from all

imp Noew : For Persons using the latest version of Apache used to (at time of this update 2.4 +) use the source code below as the above code copy and post is for Apache versions below 2.4

DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/"

AllowOverride All
Require all Granted

Now we head over to our simple Windows Hosts File setting are done, to edit the HOSTS here file location. the file will be located at C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts, where hosts file is open in your notepadd is the file.             localhost             localhost    

Last step of the Restart Apache xampp server and test to make sure virtual host is working.

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