how to earn money from blogging (+ How to Start and Get Traffic) in 2024?

how to earn money from blogging [11 Ways]? : Before starting a blog, there are thousands of questions about blogging in the mind of every person and among those questions the main ones are –

  1. Can we earn money from blog?
  2. Can Money Be Earned From Free Blogging Platform?
  3. If yes – then how many days does it take to earn money from a new blog?
  4. How much money can be earned by blogging?
  5. What are the ways in which you can earn money from blogging?
  6. Can we take blogging as our career?

Many similar questions arise in the mind of a new blogger. It is also necessary to raise these questions in your mind because it is your duty to keep complete information about the field you want to come in. Whether you do it for part time or full time.

All these questions running in your mind are going to be answered through this article. So please read this article completely and get better answers to your questions –

How to Make Money Blogging in 2023 (Complete Guide)?

how to earn money from blogging step by step

Before knowing the ways to earn money from a blog, it is necessary to know that on what things the earning from a blog depends.

like –

  1. From which countries does your blog’s traffic come from?
  2. How have you monetized your blog?
  3. How much is the traffic on your blog?
  4. How well do you write blog posts?
  5. What is the Niche of your Blog?
  6. What is the language of your blog?

10+ Ways To Make Money From Blog – Tips How To Make Money From Blogging

1. Earn money from blog through Adsense or other ad network?


For every new blogger, Adsense is a means of earning money in the early days. Which is a program of Google itself, but the policy of Adsense is so strict that the blog is not easily monetized.

Reason – (Adsense does not monetize your blog if anything is found against the policy of Adsense on your blog) Although this is not a big disappointment.

There are many such ad networks in the market, through which your blog can be monetized very easily. But here one thing is worth remembering that Adsense is better than other ad networks in terms of earning.

2. Earn money from your blog through Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means to review and sell any product in your blog and get commission in return, this commission price varies from product to product.

If you get a lot of commission on a product, then it depends very little on which product you are selling, but the best option for you will be this…. Review and sell the product related to the niche in which you do blogging.

When bloggers are a bit old, they see Affiliate Marketing as the best way to monetize their blog.

Many new bloggers get their information in the beginning and make their first blog for Affiliate Marketing only. They do not use any other ad network to monetize.

Although they can do both the things together if they want. Thousands of people do this. If done properly, then so much money can be earned through Affiliate Marketing. As much as Adsense can hardly pay.

All the famous or big bloggers, Youtuber are seen on today’s time. Their main source of income is Affiliate Marketing.

How to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners?

Money can be earned by doing affiliate marketing of these companies on the blog.

  • Through the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  • commission junk
  • flipkart affiliate program
  • eBay Partner Program
  • There are many other websites.

3. How To Sell Products On Your Blog?

Sell your own product on your blog and earn money

If you have a product that you want to sell online. Blog is a great medium because with this you can sell your product on a large level (National, International).

Because the Internet is used on such a large scale in today’s time. You yourself know this. You can also use it for product selling. And you can increase your income.

Anyway, in this online era, everything has become digital and when it comes to selling goods, in today’s time soil is also being sold online. Show Take your business online and make it as big as you can.

4. How to Make Money Selling Online Courses?

Make money from your blog by selling online courses

If you have any skills that you want others to learn, then you can sell your course online through a blog. But the advice is that you should keep your course free in the beginning so that people can read and review your course for free.

And when it seems that people are liking your course. More and more people want to read it. Then you can charge Fees for that. Many bloggers are earning a lot of money by promoting others’ courses on their blogs.

5. How to Make Money With Ads on Your Blog?

Earn money by showing an advertiser’s ad directly on your blog

Have you seen the science of a regional company, a big store, a clothing store or an application, etc., on a news blog or any other type of blog website.

Such advertisers contact you directly after seeing the popularity of your blog and request your product to show ads on your blog. In lieu of showing this ad, you can charge Fees as per your wish.

6. How To Make Money With Sponsored Posts On Your Blog?

Earn Money From Blog By Charging Sponsor Post

When your blog becomes famous, then many people or companies contact you to publish their articles on your blog and want to publish blog posts according to your terms.

For which you can take Fees from them and earn money as per your wish, you can earn money online from your blog.

7. How to Make Money Selling Ebooks in 2023?

Earn Money From Blog By Selling Ebook

Ebook means Electronic Book which appears in Pdf format. If you have a passion for writing and you do not write it in any paper, write it on mobile or computer.

So you can promote it in your blog by converting it to Pdf and earn money by selling it. You must have heard about Amazon Kindle where many people are earning money by selling their Ebook.

Amazon gives you the rest by keeping 30% of your earnings from Ebook Selling, but if you sell Ebook on your own blog, then all the benefits are going to be directly to you.

8. How to Make Money Blogging in 2022 ($500k Per Month)?

Earn money by promoting someone else’s blog on your blog

As your blog gets old, its popularity also increases as well as ways to earn money. A new blogger wants a backlink from you to promote his blog. And is ready to pay a lot of money in return.

I know that big websites like and infinityknow.Com charge 5000 to 37000 rupees for a backlink. If your blog also becomes popular then you can earn money by promoting others’ blog.

9. How to make money blogging for beginners?

Earn money from blog by selling your services

There is any type of skill that others need like –

  • You Can Be a Good Seo Expert
  • a good developer
  • have technical knowledge
  • You can earn money by providing your service through blog.

10. Fastest way to make money blogging

Earn money by selling your blog

If you want, you can earn big money by selling your blog. Flippa.Com is a website where Blog Website and many other services are sold and bought. Apart from this, there are many other ways where you can sell your blog.

There are many such people whose job is only to create a blog and sell it at the best possible amount, for this Flippa is a good site where you can get the price you asked for.

11. How to Raise Money for Charity?

Earn money by putting donation option in the blog

This mostly happens on foreign blog sites, I have seen some education related blogs who had put donation option, surely their service would have been good only then they are donated a good amount.

Do you know if your blog site is successful in making a home in the hearts of people and if you are donated too, then it can become a good option for you to earn money.

By now you have learned that how to earn money from blogging?. But the answer to the questions of the new blogger is still not complete.

It is also very important for the new blogger to know how long does it take to start earning money from a new blog and how much can be earned, etc. So let’s get to know them too –

What blogger earns better, Hindi or English?

It is often asked by Beginner Blogger whether English blog earns more or Hindi blog….. It depends on many things like which method you have adopted. To Monetize Your Blog

like –

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Google Adsense
  3. any other ad network

Along with this, where is most of the traffic of your blog coming from. (To talk about Adsense here, English blog earns more on same traffic than Hindi blog – because advertiser is more in English blog)

But the competition in English Blog is more as compared to Hindi Blog. Also the area of ​​English language is huge. Since the area is huge, there are also people who give more CPC from other countries in the English blog.

But the extension area of ​​Hindi is more to Asian countries and the Cpc rate available from here is also very low, so Hindi Blog earns less than English.

Although now Google itself is also encouraging Hindi. Therefore, the day is not far when Hindi blogs will be different.

When does earning from Hindi blog start?

Earning money from a blog also depends on many things, but if we talk about Adsense, then your blog gets monetized in a maximum of two months, then in a few days if your blog has quality.

But only after getting monetized, you do not start earning, to start earning from blog, it is necessary that how much page view is on your blog.

When you start bringing traffic to your blog, you start earning money. If you talk about earning from a thousand page views on your blog, then it can be from one to three dollars.

But in the beginning the chances of this happening are very less. You can earn one dollar on a thousand page views, that is a lot, although it completely depends on your niche and keywords as well.

So frankly speaking, you can earn one dollar for a thousand traffic.

Can money be earned from Free Blogging Platform ie Blogger?

Yes…. Absolutely it can be earned. Whatever be the platform, you should have good content, good traffic. You can also earn money from the free platform ie Blogger.Com, but it is better to take a domain name.

You can also make money on Blogger with a custom domain.

WordPress Vs Blogger – Which is better for making money?

In which one can earn more money – Blogger or WordPress.

I would like to say again that it does not depend on which platform you use, it is important that your content and user are the ones that get you money.

If you do not work hard, you do not give quality content to your readers, then whether you are on Blogger or WordPress, you cannot succeed anywhere.

And even if you are able to deliver quality content, it does not matter which platform you are on, you will definitely be successful, although spending money has its own benefits.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

How much money can you earn by blogging? – See how much you can earn from blogging, no other person can tell, you decide it yourself because – no person can make someone successful. Yes . He can definitely help you in identifying your skills.

As far as earning is concerned, you cannot earn even a minimum of one rupee…. If you don’t work hard. But if you have chosen a good Niche, you do Smart Work along with Hard Work. Likes blogging with heart and soul.

Then you can earn so much more than this. More than you have ever imagined. You must have heard about many successful bloggers, they also earn up to Rs 25 to 30 lakhs a month, but based on their hard work and skills.

Can blogging be taken as a career?

If you ask me whether I can make a career in blogging, then I will say – of course yes, in today’s time everyone wants to do blogging because they know somewhere that a career can be made and successful in this.

They know which people have made a career in blogging and how much they are earning today, people want to come to blogging only after hearing or seeing them.

It is a good thing but remember one thing, you want to do blogging only by sight? … only think that I will earn money by writing anything then you are wrong. In blogging, you need hard work and a lot of patience.

FAQ’s – how to earn money from blogging?

Is custom domain necessary to earn money from blog?

Answer: It is not like that at all, you can earn money by creating a blog on Blogger without spending a single penny, if you have power in your content and you have a lot of traffic then. It is absolutely wrong that – Blog does not Monetize with Blogspot.Com.

How long does it take to start earning money from a blog?

Answer: It is completely up to you, what kind of articles you write. How many users come to read your blog post etc. Remember, the sooner the user comes, the quicker the money.

How much money can be made from blog?

Answer: No one can give a right answer to this, it completely depends on your hard work, you can earn lakhs with your hard work and dedication.

How to earn from blog?

Earning from blog is done in many ways which we have told in this article how to earn money from blog. By showing ads in your blog and reviewing a product (Affiliate Marketing) etc., the blog earns money.

How much money do you get from blogging?

Earning money from blog depends on many factors. The language of the blog, the destiny of the blog, which country do the incoming readers belong to. How do you work? Because you can earn millions from a blog and this earning can be absolutely zero.

What is the meaning of blogging?

Blogging means writing your thoughts, information etc. in writing and reaching people. Huh. This is what blogging means.

conclusion – how to earn money from blogging?

We have tried to answer all the questions arising in your mind, although it is not possible in a single post, so in the coming time, we will continue to bring all kinds of information related to blogging to you.

This article of ours how to earn money from blogging? Do tell us how you feel, if you have any kind of suggestion, question, or complaint, then definitely ask us using Comment Box.

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