make money blogging – how to start a blog and make money? – 3 ways to make money online

how to start a blog and make money?:- In today’s time everything is becoming digital. And people also find it easy and beneficial to use digital methods.

And when it comes to earning, everyone wants to earn money online in a digital way. And most of the people choose Blogging and Youtube in the online way.

But before doing this, we also need to have complete information about them. After all, what is Blog, Blogger and Blogging?

how to start a blog and make money?

So in today’s post we are going to blog what, how to make money with a blog?, 1 blogger kya hai and 3 ways to make money online and how to earn money from blogging?

To know about etc. If you also want to become a blogger and want to make a career in blogging, then definitely read this post till the end.

how to make money with a blog
how to make money with a blog

what is a blog?

Blog is only a website. Where you can share any type of knowledge with people by writing articles.

In earlier times people used to note down any information in a diary. But today due to everything being digital, people share on blogs.

You can think of a blog like a digital diary. And by sharing the information here, you can earn a lot.

Just like you are reading this information on right now. This is also a blog. And you are reading Blog Kya Hai, then this is a blog post.

what is blogging?

Now we will know what is blogging. Like I told you above, what is a blog? All the activities that are done on this blog, we call it blogging.

For example, buying a domain, buying hosting, writing articles for a blog, doing blog SEO and updating blog posts from time to time, etc.

For example, you can understand that I write articles on this blog. So I do blogging too.

In a simple language, managing a blog is called blogging. And all these actions on the blog are done by a blogger.

What is Blogger?

All the actions on a blog such as writing posts, SEO, updating posts, etc., are all done by one person or a group of many people.

We are called bloggers. In a simple language, handling a blog means that the person handling the blog is called a blogger.

For example is a blog and all the work on it is done by me. So I’m a blogger. Now you have understood what is Blogger?

Difference Between Blog and Website

how to make money with a blog
Difference Between Blog and Website

Now we will know what is the difference between Blog and Website. Because some people have a question in their mind. After all, what is the difference between a blog and a website? So let’s know about it now.

Difference between Blog and Website

  • You can create a blog even if you have general knowledge of computer. Whereas to create a website, you need to have knowledge of Html like Advance Knowledge.
  • Blogs are made to share knowledge or information. Whereas a website is made to sell a product, service or course.
  • Reads to update the blog regularly. Whereas there is no need to update the website regularly.
  • There is more traffic in the blog. Whereas the website has less traffic than the blog.
  • Blog ranks quickly in Google. Whereas the website ranks slower than the blog.

How To Make Money Blogging (The Practical Guide for 2021)?

how to start a blog and make money
How To Make Money Blogging

What is Blogging and Blogger? After knowing Blogger, a main question comes in everyone’s mind that after Blogging se paise kaise kamaye, so let’s know about it too. And yes we should be asked that after all we earn money from blogging.

To earn money from blogging, you need to know about some important points. Which is the following to make us a blogging career-

How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog?

First of all, the subject in which you are interested and aware.

Choose the niche of your blog related to it. If you want to make a career in blogging, then you have to see it as a business.

And just like business, it has to give its time and effort. So that there is no problem in going ahead.

Note:- Niche means category. And without interest and knowledge, you will not be able to work for a long time in the category.

choosing the perfect domain name

Now whatever niche you have chosen, choose a good domain name related to it. The domain name should be short and easy.

So that people can remember very easily. So that if someone wants to come to your blog again, then they can come by searching from Google.

If you cannot afford it in the beginning, then you can also keep Blogger’s free domain

Whatever domain name you have chosen for this, the domain will also be added behind it. But this is our opinion from you that even if you cannot buy more hosting, then definitely take a custom domain.

Create Blog

how to make money online for beginners
Create Blog

If you want to make your blog for free, then you can host it on But if you can invest a little. So by buying a good hosting, you can host your blog on WordPress as well.

On WordPress, you get many plugins to rank your website in Google. Which help us to rank our website.

How to Write a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide?

  • After doing all this, you have to start writing content for your blog.
  • In this, write only the information related to your Niche in the article.
  • And take special care that you do not have to copy anyone’s content.
  • Google will never rank your post on copying.
  • Initially you wrote 10-15 posts for your blog.
  • And keep updating the blog on Regular Basis.
  • Because Google always gives value to fresh content.
  • Therefore, put maximum effort in writing content on your blog.
  • And content has the most important role in getting your content ranked in Google.

Increase blog traffic

Now you have to increase traffic on your blog. For this, you can share your blog post on social media like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram.

Gradually your blog will become old and the authority of the blog will increase, then traffic will start coming to your blog directly from Google.

But it can also take up to 6-12 months for traffic to come from Google. So keep working continuously, one day your blog will definitely rank.

Connect Blog to Google Adsense

  • Now you have to apply your blog for Google Adsense. If your blog matches with Adsense’s privacy then you will get approval.
  • After this you have to put Google Ads on your blog. And the more people click on these advertisements, the earning will increase.
  • If you do not get the approval of Adsense then there is nothing to worry. Because you can use alternative of other Adsense.
  • And the earnings will also increase gradually, so give some time in the beginning.

Give Affiliate LInk to your Blog

This is another way to earn money from blogging. If your blog is related to product review. So you can earn very well in this way.

For this you have to join any Affiliate Program. After that you can give Affiliate Link in your blog.

If someone buys a product from this link of yours, then you get commission for it. You can earn a lot from this too.

Paid Promotion – how to earn money online?

There are lots of the ways to make money. This is also a very good way to earn money from blog. When your blog gets out of date. And good traffic starts coming to your blog from Direct Google.

And the authority of your blog increases. Then you will get emails to promote the products and services of big companies.

In return, these companies or individuals give you a substantial amount. In this way also you can earn good money from your blog with easy ways to make money.

If your blog ranks in Google. So there are many other ways to earn money from blog.

Conclusion – how to start a blog and make money?

Friends, all your questions how to start a blog and make money?, What is Blogger?, make money blogging, how to start a blog free must have been answered.

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