how to install windows 10 on a new hard drive?

To install Windows 10 on a new hard drive, you need to have a Windows 10 installation media, such as a USB drive or DVD, and a valid product key. Here’s how to install Windows 10 on a new hard drive:

  1. Connect the new hard drive to your computer.
  2. Insert the Windows 10 installation media into your computer and restart the computer.
  3. Boot from the installation media. You may need to change the boot order in the BIOS or UEFI settings to make the computer boot from the installation media.
  4. On the Windows Setup screen, select your language, time and currency format, and keyboard layout, and then click on “Next.”
  5. Click on “Install now.”
  6. Enter your product key and click on “Next.”
  7. Read and accept the license terms, and then click on “Next.”
  8. Select “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” and click on “Next.”
  9. Select the new hard drive as the installation location and click on “Next.”
  10. Windows will begin copying files and installing the operating system.
  11. After the installation is complete, you’ll be prompted to set up Windows, including creating a user account, setting up security settings, and personalizing your desktop.
  12. Once the setup is complete, your new hard drive with Windows 10 will be ready to use.

Note: It’s always a good idea to back up your important data before installing a new operating system. This will help ensure that you don’t lose any important files or information during the installation process.

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