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Today I want to share windows 10 update download some of the problems I encountered when upgrading to Windows 10 on my computers. The problems I’m going to talk about all happened on one device, but I encountered some of the same problems when upgrading some of my other devices and so they may be the same problems you encounter On the day that Windows publicly released, I signed into my machine and nothing.

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windows 10 update

Fix Windows Update errors

I was hoping to be among st the first few waves of people upgrading, so I was a little disappointed by the lack of an update but then I realized that an ISO file will probably be available and so a quick Google took me to the page were I could download the media creation utility I downloaded the tool and something happened. Once I got over the initial shock of such a useful error message, I Googled “Something Happened” I found that there were a lot of people suggesting that I change the Region on my machine to United States in the region and language settings which I did, but something was still happening.

I was thinking about the problem and it crossed my mind that the media creation utility would probably download the relevant files through the same system is Windows Update downloads its updates Windows Update also has a section which said that my copy of Windows 10 had been reserved so it seems that Windows Update was indeed connected to the upgrade process but then I noticed that Windows Update program had failed to download available updates. Some serious googling lead me to the background intelligent transfer service or BITS, which is the underlying technology used to download updates which seemed to be somehow corrupted.

4 problems upgrading to Windows 10 (with fixes)

Fortunately I found this website which mentions that the registry key could go missing, so I opened reedit and sure enough the key was missing. I added it in, and Windows Update roared into life, downloading and installing all of the updates currently outstanding. Once all of the updates had installed and after restarting the machine I tried to media creation utility again and success. It started downloading the windows 10 ISO file.

I mounted the ISO file to a USB thumb drive and began the installation process which went smoothly until it didn’t. After the installation process restarted the computer I was greeted with this error message telling me that the boot drive had caused the upgrade to fail, so back to Google I went.This time the answer was to assign a drive letter to a 100 megabyte partition on my hard hard drive I didn’t even know existed Once the drive letter was assigned, I could then delete all of the language packs which I wasn’t currently using and then trim the length of a log file to make sure there was enough space for the upgrade to go ahead.

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Just a note about this step though, which wasn’t covered in the web page I used for this solution; when you’retrying to access the boot folder, I needed to type the path into the address bar, so in this case, it was “Y:\Boot” It didn’t actually show as a folder like you would expect it to and so I once again become the installation process and this time no problems at all Windows 10 installed properly with no error messages. After a quick look around I checked out the system page to make sure that my installation have been properly activated, and of course it was I had decided before-hand that I actually wanted to do a clean install after upgrading and so when I knew that my Windows key has been properly activated, I began the process of doing a clean install.

If you are going to clean install I do have couple of words of caution before you begin most importantly is the fact that you do need to do an in-place upgrade from Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 to activate your Windows 10 key as being valid before you can actually do a cleanup grade otherwise Microsoft won’t recognize your computer as having a genuine copy of Windows. It’s also of course important to make sure you backup all of your files that you want to keep because they will be deleted during the process otherwise.

Finally windows 10 update assistant, it’s also probably a good idea to make a note of all the programs you want to reinstall afterwards and making sure you have all the information that you’re going to need to actually do the reinstall, so for example, making sure that you have the key codes for all of the programs that you’re going to reinstall so having already activated Windows 10,the clean installation process went extremely smoothly.

Just one interesting point though, during the installation process I deleted the 100 megabyte system partition I mentioned earlier, and allowed the installation to create anew partition. This time however the partition was 500 megabytes, so Microsoft is obviously aware that 100 megabytes isn’t enough space. Another problem I encountered on another machine was the upgrade process failing because I didn’t have the latest drivers for the NVIDIA graphics cards in the machine.

Just downloading and installing the latest drivers from NVIDIA’s website was enough to fix this problem though.Hopefully all of these problems will be resolved as Microsoft reacts to the feedback it receives from people going through the upgrade process, but I did want to make this available in case it will help anyone else out.

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