How to use Threads App for Instagram, Fecebook & Twitter?

Hello friends, recently an App named Threads has been launched. If you have absolutely no idea about what is threads App?, How to use Threads App?. Then this complete article is for you. So let’s read about threads apps.

Instagram Threads Vs Twitter

Friends, in today’s article, we are going to give you detailed information about what is Instagram Threads (what is Instagram threads App?) and how to use Instagram Flat Show. So if you do not even know what is Instagram Threads and how to use it in 2023, and will the Instagram Threads app be able to give answers to all these questions to Elon Musk’s Twitter, then you have to complete this article to know.

Friends, as you all know, just some time ago, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, has launched his new app called Instagram Threads in the whole world. And it is being told that Instagram threads have been developed by the Instagram team itself. From making this app to launching, discussion was going on inside Meta Company for a long time.

Finally, the time has come that Meta Company has launched its new app Instagram Threads through the team of its biggest app Instagram and launched it in front of the world. And launch this app on behalf of the owner of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, within a few hours more than one crore users have joined it.

Due to which what is Instagram threads App? has also started trending throughout the day on social media. Since then everyone is trying to know about this app.

It is also being discussed in the news that the purpose of launching Instagram Threads app by Meta Company is to compete with Elon Musk’s app Twitter. This is being said because this app is very similar to Twitter, and the use of this app is exactly the same as Twitter. In such a situation, people all over the world are getting excited about how to use this app.

Keeping this shortcoming in mind, today we are going to tell you about what are Instagram Threads (what is Instagram threads App?) and how to use Instagram Threads, so let’s start this article without delay and know What are Instagram threads?

what is threads App?

What is Threads app: – Threads is a new app of Instagram. Meta has launched an app exactly like Twitter called Threads. Threads app is similar to Twitter which is now fully launched in India. In this, you can share a word of 500 characters and a video of 5 minutes. These are apps based on Instagram.

You can share your thoughts on the threads. Threads is such a platform where you can write anything, you can put photo-videos, like it, comment it. Also you can repost and share. You can use Threads App by downloading it from Google or Apple Store.

What is Instagram Threads?

The Instagram Threads app is a social media app created by Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook. In this app, apart from text messages, we can also share videos, audios. Apart from this, the facility of photos, video sharing is also available in this app. This app has been developed by the team of Instagram.

In Instagram threads, we can share real-time updates and public conversations, as well as reshare other users’ goals and share our thoughts on them. If understood in simple language, this app has been made by the company for text based conversation.

According to the news, the purpose of launching this app on behalf of the company is to directly compete with Elon Musk’s Twitter, for which Meta Company has entered the fray by launching its new app Instagram Threads.

Now if you are thinking that what is Instagram Threads app then let us tell you that inside this app you can follow your friends and creators just like Twitter, and can connect directly with them. Through which you can see their lifestyle.

How to use Threads App?

  1. First of all you have to open Google Play Store or Apple Store then type ‘Thread, an Instagram app’ and search.
  2. After searching, install it on your mobile. Open the app after installing.
  3. You will get the option of Log in with Instagram below. Click on that.
  4. After clicking here, you will get the message of your login code, enter it.
  5. Now click on ‘Import from Instagram’.
  6. After this Instagram will automatically access your profile.
  7. After this, the option of Follow Same Accounts (which you follow on Instagram) will come. You can click on it if you want.
  8. Now click on ‘Join Threads’. After clicking you can use Threads app.
  9. After creating your ID in threads, you will get a threads id and username too.

Know about Instagram Threads

Instagram users will not need to create a separate account to use Threads App. For this, you just have to install the Thread app, after that you will be automatically logged in from Instagram. On Threads, users can share their posts on Instagram and Instagram’s posts on Threads.

App Name Instagram Threads App
Developer Meta
Category Technology
Launch Date July 6, 2023
Launch Time 10 AM ET
Platforms iOS (App Store), Android (Play Store)
Features Text-based conversations, community discussions, following favorite creators connecting with like-minded users, sharing ideas and creativity
Integration Linked to Instagram, use Instagram handle to log in, access to Instagram followers and network
User Interface Similar to Twitter, with reposting, liking and reply settings control
Teaser and Countdown Published on Instagram Threads App, spinning ticket with QR code leading to
Competition Twitter, BlueSky, Mastodon
Context Launching amid Twitter’s rate limitations and user exodus due to recent changes
Privacy Considerations App may collect various data, including health, financial, contact, browsing, and location information
Source of Information App Store page, Play Store listing, teasers, and sleuths’ discoveries
Official Site

How to use Instagram threads?

The Instagram Threads app is very easy to use. Friends, to use this app, you just have to open this app by going to your Instagram profile, after which you will see two options “New Sign Up” and “Log In With Instagram”. After which you have to “Log In” with your Instagram account by clicking on “Log In With Instagram”.

Then you can easily login to this app using your Instagram credentials, that means you have to enter your Instagram ID first. Then later click on Continue below and click on the option of “Join Threads”. Here it will tell you that if your Instagram account is already logged in on your mobile, then you will not even need to enter the password.

What is the meaning of Instagram Threads?

Friends, now the question must be coming in your mind that why this My App Instagram thread has been named Threads in Instagram and what does it mean, so let us tell you about it as well.

Instagram’s new app Instagram Thread is also a type of social media app, which works exactly like Twitter. Or we can also say that Instagram thread has been created only to compete with Twitter. Instagram Thread Meaning is what kind of platform it is, where you can see the lifestyle of people all over the world, and their real time updates, and you can easily interact with them in public, follow your favorite people according to your interests and see their lifestyle.

What are the features of Instagram Threads?

So friends, after reading this article till now, you must have come to know about what is Instagram Threads and how to use Instagram Threads. So let us now give you information about some great and fun ideas of this new app of Instagram. Which will make it easier for you to use this app.

1. Will be able to share video photos?

In this app Instagram Threads on Instagram, you will be able to share video photos along with talking. In this app, you can also share videos and photos with text messages of 500 characters. You will be able to share 5 minute stitches videos on this app. Along with this, you also get the facility to share gender on Instagram threads.

2. People will follow you?

After login to this app, if you continuously send smart text messages and videos, audios and photos, then people will slowly start following you. Apart from this, as soon as you login, you will see a list of all the people you follow on Instagram. You can follow any of these. Apart from this, you also get the option to set your profile as public and private here.

3. How to post on this app?

If you want to post on Instagram threads then it is also very easy. As the company has named it, so is its work. If you want to post some of your content on the type itself, then for this you will see the sign of a notepad, click on it. After clicking it, you will be asked to store the text message content, after which you can post it from your account by writing your thoughts and adding photos and videos. Keep in mind that only 500 character articles can be posted here.

4. What will be seen on this app?

On this platform, you will get to see more thoughts, text messages, videos, photos, audios from other users. On this, you will also see the option to switch between following and recommended content, just like Twitter.

5. Will ads also be shown on it?

Friends, as you all know that this app has been launched in Instagram just a while back, so currently no ads are being shown on it and this app was launched for absolutely free use in the present time. Is. But looking at its popularity, it can be estimated in the future that like so many grams and Facebook, it can also be shown on it.

When was Instagram Threads launched?

The parent company of Instagram and Facebook, Mitane launched this new app on July 6, 2023 at 10:00 am. And this app was simultaneously launched in a total of 100 countries, including one of the country India. This app was launched for both iPhone and Android mobile users. As soon as this app was launched, within a short time more than one crore users from all over the world had joined it.

How to download Instagram Threads App?

Friends, as you know above what is Instagram Threads and how to use Instagram Threads, then let us know how to download Instagram Threads APK. As we have told you above that the company has launched this app for both iPhone and Android users. So to download it you can follow the steps given below.

First of all, you go to Google Play Store or Apple Play Store on your mobile phone.
After this, search by typing “Instagram Threads” in the search bar above.
After searching you will see “install” button, click on it and install it on your phone.

How to create account on Instagram Threads App?

Friends, after reading this article, if you also want to use the Instagram Threads app, then you will first have to create an account on it, only after that you can use this app. If you already have an Instagram account, you will not need to create an account on the Instagram Threads app, as you can use Threads by connecting the account with your Instagram profile. Now keep following the below steps with us on how to do it.

  • First of all open the Instagram app on your mobile phone.
  • After this go to your Instagram profile, after which you have to click on the three dot symbol above your profile.
  • After this you click on “Threads”.
  • After clicking, you will be asked to sign up, which will show you two options “Log In” and “Log In With Instagram”.
  • So you have to click on “Log In With Instagram”.
  • By doing this your thread account will be automatically linked to Instagram account and then your thread account will become direct.

After you’re done creating your account, it’s time to follow people and get followed. Since the platform is entirely new, you have a once in a lifetime chance to become somewhat of an influencer. For the initial boost and attracting future growth, try buying Threads followers from third party social media platforms. You can then start optimizing your profile and the kind of content you publish.

What is the difference between Twitter and Instagram threads?

Friends, if you have reached here while reading this article what is Instagram threads App?, then you must have come to know everything about this app. But now the question might be coming in your mind that what is the difference between Twitter and Instagram threads? So let us now give you detailed information about it as well. As we have told you earlier that the main objective of launching this app of Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, is to compete with Twitter.

For which the team of Instagram company has designed this app just like Twitter, but still the company has given many different features in Instagram threads for the users of Twitter to lane on their app, so now let us tell you about Twitter and Let us explain what is the difference between Instagram threads.

Instagram Threads Vs Twitter

 Twitter  Instagram Threads
 In Twitter, we can send text messages only up to 500 characters.  In Instagram threads, we can share a 5-minute long video or photo in a post with a text message of 500 characters.
 We can also share videos, photos on Twitter.  We can share audio along with video, photo on Instagram threads.
 We can also share and retweet someone’s post on Twitter.  We can also share someone’s post and send threads on Instagram threads.
 On Twitter, we have to follow others on our own after creating an account.  While creating an account on Instagram threads automatically follows all the users whom you used to follow on Instagram.


Que: Who launched the Instagram Threads App?

Ans: The Instagram Threads app was launched by Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram.

Que: When was the Instagram Threads app launched?

Ans: The Instagram Threads app was launched on 6 July 2023 at 10 am.

Que: In how many countries has Instagram Threads been launched?

Ans: Instagram Threads app has been launched in total 100 countries all over the world.

Que: Who is the milk of Instagram Threads app?

Ans: The owner of Instagram Threads app is Mark Zuckerberg.

Que: Which company’s app is Instagram Threads?

Ans: Instagram Threads app is the app of Meta Company, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram.

What is Instagram Threads and how does it work?

Threads is a new app launched by Meta. It rivals Twitter with its primary focus on sharing short snippets of text on a free conversation-based platform. It’s an online hub that’s tied to Instagram (and requires an Instagram account to sign up).

Who is the Owner of Social Media Threads?

The owner of Threads app is Mark Zuckerberg.


Friends, today we have given you what is Instagram Threads in this article (Instagram Threads Vs Twitter) and how to use Instagram Threads? Will try to give detailed information about it. I hope from this article you got to know everything about Instagram’s new app Instagram Threads. And after reading this article, you must have liked this article, friends, if you liked this article, then share it with your friends and relatives so that they also know that Instagram has recently launched a new app.

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