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fake tweet generator – Generate Fake Tweets Using the latest Fake Tweet Maker Online. Create a real-looking fake tweet by uploading your profile picture, setting your name, your fake Twitter username, type the tweet, and setting.

fake tweet generator – How to make Fake Tweet?

How to create fake tweets, fake tweet generator 2024:- Twitter is a very big social media platform, almost all the celebrities, they all use Twitter and share their thoughts with people from all over the world.

  • World Wide There are some celebrities who use only Twitter social media. That’s why Twitter is the best platform to follow your favorite celebrity.
  • We wrote many articles related to Twitter.
  • You can read them too if you want. At the moment in this article we are going to tell you how create fake tweet? that is, how to make fake tweet of any popular celebrity’s account?
  • You must have seen many times on social media that some such photos and posts are going viral, in which a popular celebrity is making some controversial remarks.
  • But when the truth of that post comes to know then that post turns out to be fake.
  • Some mischievous elements create fake tweets from their Twitter username to defame a person and then make them viral on social media.
  • So that that person gets maximum slander.
  • But as we told you above that such posts are not always true.

fake tweet generator Interface

Fake Post Generator Interface
Fake Post Generator Interface
  • There are many ways on the Internet by which you can create a fake tweet of anyone’s account.
  • The person who sees that tweet will find that tweet very real.
  • So if you also want to create a fake tweet from a popular Twitter account, or you want to show millions of likes and retweets on one of your tweets, or if you want to show that your tweet has been replied by a popular celebrity, then You can do this.
  • There are many ways on the internet by which you can do this.
  • Here we are going to tell you about one such Android application, through which you can create a fake tweet.
  • You can show your desired likes and retweets on that tweet, as well as show the reply of any popular celebrity on it.
  • Before telling about this application I would like to tell you that We are telling you this information only for educational purpose.
  • So never misuse this trick. Our purpose is to provide information only.

Fake Tweet Generator – Generate Tweets using the latest Fake Tweet Maker

you need to fill in the following information:

  1. A link or @ mention, if any
  2. A profile picture
  3. A twitter username
  4. Date and time of the tweet
  5. Embedded text
  6. Option of following/not following the person in the tweet
  7. Reply, retweet, favorite, and more button text
  8. The text that will be displayed as the tweet

How to make Fake Tweet? Fake Tweet Generator

fake tweet generator

So for this, first you have to go to the play store of your mobile and search by typing Fake Tweet App in the search box and download this app.

You can also download this application to your device by clicking on the download button below.

Free Download

After downloading, when you open this application, you will be told through tutorials that how you can use this app, you can also skip this.

After that such a page will open in front of you.

Fake tweet

Click on Create Post here.

After that you will be asked for some permissions, allow them. After this, it will be open in front of you.

Create fake tweet
Create fake tweet
  • Here in this page you will see a tweet and someone’s reply is below it, you can edit it according to your own. To edit, you just have to click on it once.
  • For example, suppose that you want to change the profile photo, then you can do so by clicking on the photo shown in the page, in the same way you can also edit other things like name, username, tweet, likes, comments, replies etc.
  • If you want to remove some things from the tweet shown on the screen, or add some new things to it, then for this you have to click on the Settings option shown on the side.
  • By clicking on Settings, you can add extra options to this post, and you can also remove add options from earlier.
  • When your tweet is completely ready, you can save this image in your mobile by clicking on the download button shown above, after that you can share that image with your friends on social media.
  • Note:- Friends, you may face an error many times while using this app, so if this happens to you, then you have to close this app once and open it again, it will start working properly.
  • So friends, in this way you can create a fake tweet and use that tweet to suprize your friends.

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