html interview questions (2024) | Top 10 HTML MCQ With Answers

html interviewAre you looking for Top html interview questions? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this guide, We are going to share the best HTML MCQ With Answers.

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Top HTML Interview Questions

Q – 1 : What does the abbreviation HTML stand for?

Answer : HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.

Q – 2 : How many sizes of headers are available in HTML by default?

Answer : 6 headers are available in HTML by default ranging from h1 to h6.

Q – 3 : What are the types of lists available in HTML?

Answer : The lists available in HTML are Ordered and Unordered List.

Q – 4 : HTML files are saved by default with the extension?

Answer : HTML files are saved by the .html or .htm extension.

Q – 5 : We enclose HTML tags within?

Answer : HTML tags are enclosed within < > according to syntax.

Q – 6 : What is meant by an empty tag in HTML?

Answer : In HTML, empty tags are those tags that don’t require a closing tag for completion.

Q – 7 : What are the attributes used to change the size of an image?

Answer : Width and Height attributes are used to change the size of an image.

Q – 8 : What tag is used to render an image on a webpage?

Answer : The img tag is used to display an image on a webpage.

Q – 9 : What are the types of unordered lists in HTML?

Answer : The unordered lists in HTML can form bullets of form Circle, Square and Disc.

Q – 10 : Which of the following is true about HTML tags?

Answer : HTML tags are not case-sensitive in nature.

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