install nodejs on Xampp localhost – setup node.js development environment

install nodejs on Xampp localhost – setup node.js development environment

It’s easy steps to install node.js on Windows system, just simple way go to node.js official site latest version and download Windows installer in your systems, then execute next to next click the installer. Congratulations!!! message display You successfully installed node.js created on Windows!!!

Node.js Install – Step-by-Step Guide For Getting Started

1)simple way to Install exe file here

2)simple Create a test file download (example) here path C:\yourfolder\test.js and put this code in that file: simple code put

	var http = require('http');
	http.createServer(function (req, res) {
		res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'});
		res.end('Simple Example of the node js Hello World\n');
	}).listen(1337, "");
	console.log('Server running at');

3) please Open CMD (COMMAND PROMPT) in your system and type these lines one-by-one steps:

	 CD C:\yourfolder
	 node test.js

4) simple run our browser and Open this link to address in your browser: Like as a mozila,chrome etc..

Installing Node.js on Windows and Linux

  • simple download perfect your version the 64 bits version, 32 is for hipsters or latest
  • and Install it anywhere you want drive like as a c: ,d:, e:, f:, by default: C:\Program Files\nodejs
  • Control Panel ==> System ==> Advanced system settings ==>Environment Variables
  • Select PATH and and your choose to edit it.

set this PATH variable is empty so, change it to new path this: C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME HERE}\AppData\Roaming\npm;C:\Program Files\nodejs changes

and some issued generated If the PATH set this variable already contains in new path C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME HERE}\AppData\Roaming\npm, plz set append the following special char set right after: ;C:\Program Files\nodejs

and last still problems to If the PATH set this variable contains information issues, but nothing and data changes regarding npm, append last way to set this to the end of the PATH: following this path ;C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME HERE}\AppData\Roaming\npm;C:\Program Files\nodejs

Re-start the command prompt and npm will now work.


Download & Install Node.js: Step by Step Guide.

simple first of all Download the Windows setup nodejs installer from the Nodes.js® open web site. and Run the installer

second step Follow the prompts and following this steps run in the installer all the tc (Accept the license agreement, and next button click the NEXT button a bunch of all the times and accept the default setting installation settings

last step Restart your computer. and xampp server You won’t be able to simple program run Node.js® until you your system restart your computer.

Installing Node.js and NPM on Windows

First of all, let’s say we download have the node.exe setup file located in your system folder c:\nodejs. Now to step by step setup npm

first of all Download the latest version npm release from GitHub this link(

simple Create folders in this path c:\nodejs\node_modules and c:\nodejs\node_modules\npm started

and then steps to Unzip the file downloaded zip file and then this open folder in c:\nodejs\node_modules\npm folder

Copy npm simple way and npm.cmd files open to path from c:\nodejs\node_modules\npm\bin to c:\nodejs folder created

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