jamun fruit : Overview, Health Benefits, Side Effects, cleaning and storing tips

jamun fruit – Jamun benefits, harms, seeds, leaves, medicinal properties, vinegar, flowers

Jamun fruit : Medicinal Uses, Therapeutic Benefits For Skin, Diabetes And Supplements

When the king of fruits is ruling the mango markets, and people are fascinated by their different species and tastes, in the meantime, another fruit registers its presence in the market to mine its qualities, which is named ” Jamun”.

Yes, the grain are black in color and a little taura in taste, but eating each fruit in season has its own pleasure. Then there are many benefits of eating fruits like grain.

Let us make you aware of the advantage of Jamun today, so that when you eat Jamun in this season, you will have a different attitude towards it.

Complete information about Jamun fruit

jamun fruit in english
jamun fruit in english

Jamun fruit nutritional value

Nutrient Name quantity
Energy 251 kg joule
Carbohydrate 14 g
fiber 0.6
Fats 0.23g
Vitamins, Calcium, Iron, Potassium 0.995 g

How are Jamun trees?

  • Jamun tree is an evergreen tree. Jamun trees can grow to be huge and about 32 to 36 feet long.
  • This is such a tree that, after planting, Jamun trees gives fruit for about 32 to 42 years.
  • Its average maximum life is 50-60 years but sometimes Jamun trees can live up to 98+ years.
  • There are many other trees that live for 98+ years, including the curry tree as well as the gulmohar tree, which have a long life.
gulab jamun fruit
gulab jamun fruit

Jamun leaves

  • If we talk about its leaves, then its leaves are somewhat like mango and maulsiri in appearance.
  • They are about 10 to 15 inches long and 4 inches wide.
  • Its bark is brown in colour. Which looks good.

Jamun flowers

Jamun flowers are small yellow in color which are also fragrant. Jamun flowers come only from the month of every March to every April.

And then those flowers make jamun. But to eat the grain, you have to do the same service to the tree, only then you will be able to eat Jamun fruits.

Because for this you will have to prune the tree from time to time. Due to which the tree remains green and the fruits are good.

Medicinal properties and benefits of Jamun :-

kala jamun fruit
kala jamun fruit

Jamun or black plum benefits – 10 Impressive Health advantage of jamun fruit

Most of us know that Jamun is very beneficial for health or it advantage in many diseases.

Let us look at Jamun medicinal properties in detail today.

benefits of jamun fruit
benefits of jamun fruit
  • Jamun controls the amount of sugar in the blood, Jamun is regular consumption during the season of Jamun advantage the diabetic patient.
  • It also advantage in the problems of sugar patient such as a frequent thirst and frequent passing of urine etc.
  • If a person is found to be deficient in blood, then he should also consume jamun in plenty, it increases the level of blood in the person’s body.
  • different types of nutrients such as a calcium, potassium, iron and vitamins are present in abundance in Jamun, which increases the immunity of the body.
  • Mixing fresh grain and mango juice is beneficial if given to a patient of sugar.
  • Consumption of Jamun gives relief from stomach problems. Along with this, there is also relief in stomach worms, asthma problems, cough etc.
  • Consumption of jamun gets rid of stomach problems such as a constipation, acidity etc. and gives a glow on the face.
  • If you have blisters in your mouth, then the consumption of jamun will be beneficial.
  • If you are troubled by acidity, then mixing black salt and cumin powder in the fruit of jamun will benefit you.
  • Due to the presence of many elements in Jamun, it gives you the power to fight diseases during the rainy season.

Along with the fruit of Jamun, its leaves, seeds and bark also have many advantage, knowing about which you can take advantage of them.

So let’s collect some information about the advantage of Jamun leaves, seeds and bark.

Health Benefits of Jamun: 7 Amazing advantage of Eating Black Plum

Jamun leaf benefits

The fruits of Jamun are available only in season, but its leaves are available throughout the year and advantage the patient.

  • If your gums are weak, then brushing the ashes of jamun leaves gives you advantage.
  • If you have bleeding gums or any other problem like swelling of gums, then boiling soft leaves of jamun in water and rinsing with this water will definitely advantage you.
  • If a person has intoxicated with opium, then to remove it, grind the leaves of jamun and extract its juice and giving it to the afflicted person gives him advantage.
  • If you are troubled by bad breath, then chewing the leaves of jamun and sucking it will give you advantage.
  • Consumption of Jamun leaves with cow’s milk is beneficial in bloody piles.
white jamun fruit
white jamun fruit

Jamun seed benefits

When the fruit of Jamun is available, most of the person throw the seeds after drink up it, the reason for this is unknown from the advantage of Jamun seeds.

  • If a person wishes, collecting the seeds of jamun, making its powder, can use it throughout the year.
  • Let us see what are the advantage of Jamun seeds.
  • Diabetes patients are benefited by regular consumption of jamun seeds powder.
  • If you have got any wound or blister, then dry and grind the seeds of jamun, then add water to that powder and make a paste and apply it on the wound.
  • drink up the powder of Jamun seeds also supplys relief in dysentery, for this, 1-1 teaspoon should be taken thrice a day.
  • If you have a stone, then taking jamun seeds powder with curd supplys relief.
  • If there is a problem of bleeding, taking 1/4th powder of peepal bark in the powder of jamun seeds gives relief.
  • If your child urinates in the bed at night, then giving him a certain amount of jamun seeds powder is beneficial.
  • If you want to make your voice melodious, then drink up jamun seeds powder with honey will be beneficial.

Benefits of Jamun Bark :-

Everything of the Jamun tree benefits, after the fruits, leaves and seeds of the Jamun tree, let’s see what are the advantage of the bark of the Jamun tree.

  • If you have stomach cramps, cramps etc., then drinking a decoction of the bark of jamun will be beneficial.
  • If children have diarrhea, then boil the juice of jamun bark in goat’s milk and drink it after cooling, it provides benefit.
  • Jamun bark is beneficial in the problem of diarrhea in women.
  • Jamun bark is also beneficial for pregnant women in diarrhea.
  • For this, boil the bark of jamun in water and when it remains one-fourth of the water, filter it 2-3 times and give it with coriander and cumin powder, it will be beneficial.
  • If the throat is bad, then boiling the bark of jamun in water and gargling with that water is beneficial.
  • Jamun bark is also helpful in treating arthritis.
  • Grind the bark of Jamun tree and take it twice a day with water, it ends the problem of indigestion, upset stomach.
jamun fruit
jamun fruit

Jamun ka sirka benefits

The fruit of Jamun is not available throughout the year, but if you want, you can make vinegar of its fruit and use it throughout the year.

Which has many benefits, let us look at the advantage of jamun vinegar.

  • If you have been troubled by the problem of constipation for a long time, then regular consumption of Jamun Vinegar will give you advantage.
  • Jamun vinegar is also beneficial in vomiting, diarrhea etc.
  • Jamun vinegar is also beneficial for sugar patients.

Jamun sirka recipe

To make jamun vinegar, mix salt in an earthen pot and keep it in the sun for a few days.

Now when it is ready, filter it and keep it in a glass bottle and use it when needed.

harm of grain

Eating more ripe fruit of jamun can cause damage to your stomach and lungs. Because it is digested late, increases phlegm, as well as causes lung disorders.

  • If you consume too much of it, then it can also give you fever.
  • That’s why there are losses, but keep those losses in mind and do these things.
  • Things to keep in mind while eating Jamun
  • Excessive need for anything is injurious to health, so we should consume things keeping this in mind.
  • Let us see what precautions should be taken while drink up Jamun:
  • Jamun should be consumed in fixed quantity, otherwise harm is done.
  • According to experts, drink up more than 200 grams of Jamun at a time is harmful.
  • drink up Jamun on empty stomach is harmful.
  • One should not drink milk after eating Jamun.

Hope you will take full advantage of Jamun in this season by reading so many properties of Jamun in this article and keep yourself free from diseases.

Along with this, other parts of the Jamun tree can also be used on reading the need and can make yourself healthy, healthy trigoxin.

FAQ – jamun fruit

Q: Where is Jamun found and grown?

Ans: Jamun tree is most commonly found in forests and roadsides. But nowadays people plant it in their garden and garden.

Q: What are the benefits of Jamun seeds?

Ans: Jamun seeds are very beneficial for cold-cough, skin-like rash, fever for intestines.

Q: Is Jamun Vinegar good for health?

Ans: Yes because it keeps our digestive system right. It has cooling, digestive, anthelmintic, rough and diuretic properties.

Q: How long does a Jamun tree last?

Ans: Jamun tree lasts easily for about 50-60 years, but if it is taken care of then it also lasts for 100 years.

Q: What are the disadvantages of Jamun tree?

Ans: There is damage to the stomach and lungs. Because it is digested late, increases phlegm, as well as causes lung disorders. Fever can also occur due to excessive intake.

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