javascript indexof array – JavaScript Array indexOf() 5+ Examples

javascript indexof array : The JavaScript array indexOf() method is used to search the position of a particular element in a given array. let’s start Introduction to the JavaScript array indexOf() method.

JavaScript Array indexOf() Syntax is :


javascript indexof array Examples

Example 1


Example 2


Example 3


JavaScript Array indexOf and lastIndexOf: Locating an Element in an Array

var playerids = [10, 20, 30, 10, 40, 20];

console.log(playerids.indexOf(10)); // 0
console.log(playerids.indexOf(30)); // 2
console.log(playerids.indexOf(50)); // -1
console.log(playerids.indexOf(20)); // 1
const websites = ["gpseoagency", "itsolutionstuck", "Pakainfo", "infinityknow"];
let index = websites.indexOf("Pakainfo");
const websites = ["gpseoagency", "itsolutionstuck", "Pakainfo", "infinityknow", "Pakainfo"];
let index = websites.indexOf("Pakainfo", 3);

JavaScript array lastIndexOf() method

console.log(playerids.lastIndexOf(10));// 3
console.log(playerids.lastIndexOf(20));// 5
console.log(playerids.lastIndexOf(50));// -1

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