js split string into array – JavaScript String split() Examples

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js split string into array – Use the .split() function. When each an empty string as the separator, the simple JavaScript split() function will return an array with one element per text character.

js split string into array – JavaScript split string – String into substrings

let sentmsg = "How are you doing today?";
const quotes = sentmsg.split(" ");

Use the limit parameter:

const quotes = sentmsg.split(" ", 3);

Use a letter as a separator:

const quotes = sentmsg.split("o");

Omit the separator parameter:

const quotes = sentmsg.split();

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Split string into array

sentmsg = prompt("Enter your Boy Friends")
entryArray = sentmsg.split("");


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The split() Method in JavaScript

// Split using a space character
let quotes = message.split(' ');

// The array
console.log(quotes); // ["We", "are", "the", "Best", "dreams", "important", "Students"]

// Access each of the elements of the array.
console.log(quotes[0]); // "We"
console.log(quotes[1]); // "are"
console.log(quotes[2]); // "the"
console.log(quotes[3]); // "Best"
console.log(quotes[4]); // "dreams",
console.log(quotes[5]); // "important"
console.log(quotes[6]); // "Students"


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