javascript isalpha – how to check if a string is alphabetic in javascript?

javascript isalpha – isAlpha. JavaScript, String, Regexp. Use RegExp.prototype.test() to check if the given string matches against the alphabetic regexp pattern.

javascript isalpha – javascript String isalpha() Method

You could just use a case – insensitive regular expression Checks if the character is an alphabetic character.

  • /*/^[a-zA-Z()]*$/ – also returns true for an empty string
  • /^[a-zA-Z()]$/ – only returns true for single characters.
  • /^[a-zA-Z() ]+$/ – also allows spaces*/
  • //better regEX to include question marks too
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const isAlpha = str => /^[a-zA-Z]*$/.test(str);
isAlpha('pakaInfo'); // true
isAlpha('welcom To pakainfo'); // false
isAlpha('986565'); // false

Check if a character is alphabetic

`a`.isAlpha(); // true
`i`.isAlpha(); // true
`3`.isAlpha(); // false

Python String isalpha() Method

txt = "pakainfoCom"

x = txt.isalpha()


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isalphabetic javascript

function isAlphaOrParen(str) {
  return /^[a-zA-Z()]+$/.test(str);

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