javascript split string – How do I split a string, breaking at a particular character?

javascript split string – The split() method splits a string into an array of substrings, and returns the new array. Split a string with multiple separators. Once split it returns an array containing a substring.

string.split(separator, limit)

javascript split string – JavaScript String split() Method

Use the JavaScript String split() to divide a string into an array of substrings by a separator. ·

JavaScript split string code:

let Flexiple = 'Main top doctors developers'
let nurces = 'Pavan,Bhoomi,Sheetal,krishna,Rekha,Kavya,Manisha'

let flexiplelist = Flexiple.split(" ")
let nurceslist = nurces.split(",")
let flexiplelist2 = Flexiple.split()
let nurceslist2 = nurces.split(",",3)


The result for the above code is:

> Array ["Pavan", "Bhoomi", "Sheetal", "krishna", "Rekha", "Kavya", "Manisha"]
> Array ["Main", "top", "doctors", "developers"]
> Array ["Main top doctors developers"]
> Array ["Pavan", "Bhoomi", "Sheetal"]

How to Split a String into an Array in JS?

let userInput = "Yes, You Can Do It!";

console.log(userInput[0]); // Y
console.log(userInput[1]); // e
console.log(userInput[2]); // s
console.log(userInput[3]); // ,

console.log(userInput[10]); // a

The split() Method in JavaScript

let message = 'I am a Hartless Go successful Member';

Split using a space character

let arr = message.split(' ');

// The array
console.log(arr); // ["I", "am", "a", "Hartless", "Go", "successful", "Member"]

// Access each of the elements of the array.
console.log(arr[0]); // "I"
console.log(arr[1]); // "am"
console.log(arr[2]); // "a"
console.log(arr[3]); // "Hartless"
console.log(arr[4]); // "Go",
console.log(arr[5]); // "successful"
console.log(arr[6]); // "Member"

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How to Split a String into One Array?

let message = 'I am a Hartless Go successful Member';
console.log(message.split()); // returns ["I am a Hartless Go successful Member"]


// Returns an empty array
''.split(''); // returns []

// Returns an array with an empty string
''.split() // returns [""]

How to Split with a Limit?

string.split(splitter, limit);
let message = 'I am a Hartless Go successful Member';
console.log(message.split(' ', 4)); // ["I", "am", "a", "Hartless"] 

How to Split Using Regex

let message = 'How to Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway in Codeigniter';


let final_conct = message.split(/[.,!,?]/);

How to Replace Characters in a String using Split() Method?

let name = 'Bhoomi Krishna';
let result = name.split(' ');
console.log(result); // ["Bhoomi", "Krishna"]

let final_match = result.join('-');
console.log(final_match); // Bhoomi-Krishna

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