javascript string length – How To Get The Length of a String in JavaScript?

javascript string length – The length property returns the length of a string. The length of an empty string is 0. Parameter: It does not accept any parameter. This property returns the number of characters in a string.

javascript string length – JavaScript String length Property

What is Javascript Length?

Syntax of Javascript Length function


here returns the length of X

Using Javascript Length on strings:

const results = "Greeting Message!";


Using Javascript Length on Arrays:

const results = ['computer', 'laptop', 'dvd', 'cd'];


Finding Number of Characters in a String

Simple Javascript program to get length of strings

let final_con = "";
let len = final_con.length;

final_con = "We love Payment.";
len = final_con.length;

final_con.length = 5;

Return the number of characters in a string:

var userInput = "Greeting Message!";
var n = userInput.length;

String Length

var userInput = "Stripe Payment Gateway";
	var length = userInput.length;
	alert( "Length is "+length);

String trimLeft()

var userInput = " Stripe Payment Gateway Integration using PHP ";
	document.write("$" + userInput + "$" + "
"); document.write("$" + userInput.trimLeft() + "$");

String toUpperCase()

var userInput = " This is a string ";

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