Mahuva Beach Bhavnagar – Photos, Sightseeing – Top 10+ Beautiful Beaches Near Mahuva

Mahuva Beach Bhavnagar : In this post, We are going to give information about Mahuva beach located in Bhavnagar. If you want information about this beach, you can get information by reading this post.

Apart from Mahuva beach, there are many beaches in Bhavnagar and I have already written an post about them, you can read those posts by clicking on the link given below.

Information about mahuva beach in bhavnagar

Mahuva Beach
Mahuva Beach

Mahuva beach is a serene and beautiful beach located 98 km away from Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. Mahuva is a sub district of Bhavnagar district. The ancient Bhavani temple is situated just a short distance away from this beach.mahuva beach

This beach is also called Bhavani beach because of Bhavani temple. The beach and the surrounding area is alluringly beautiful.

Bhavnagar tourist attractions
Bhavnagar tourist attractions

This beach is a good place to go for a day out with your family and friends. You can experience peace and tranquility by coming here.

The water in between will look a bit muddy but still you can have fun with the water. On weekends, there will be a slight crowd in the meantime.

Bhavnagar places to visit
Bhavnagar places to visit

Talking about food and drink, its convenience can be seen here. You can go to the outlet and buy something to eat.

By the way, if you take food and water with you, it will be better. There is no special arrangement to stay here, so you have to return in the evening.

Things to do at Mahuva beach

Bhavnagar attractions
Bhavnagar attractions

Mahuva beach is a good place to spend a good time, here you can forget the crowded life of the city and experience peace and relaxation.

Apart from this, you can take a bath in the cold water or take a long walk on the beach.

Places to Visit in Mahuva

Mahuva beach is a very good place to visit. Apart from Mahuva Beach, you can go to visit Takhteswar Temple, Gandhi Smriti Museum, Victoria Park, Aksharwadi Swaminarayan Temple, Gaurishankar Temple.

Mahuva Beach Bhavnagar
Mahuva Beach Bhavnagar

Apart from this, you can also visit Shri Kalindri Bhavani Temple, Chitrakoot Dham Temple, Jigri Light House. Jigri Light House is clearly visible from Mahuva Beach.

How to Reach Mahuva Beach?

The best way to reach Mahuva beach is by road, you can reach here by road, by your private vehicle or by bus. Apart from this, you can also book a ride.

  • By Road – You can use bus to go from Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar which takes 3 hours. Mahuva Beach is 98 kms from Bhavnagar.
  • By Rail – Nearest railway station is Bhavnagar railway station which is 101 km away from here Western Board railway line connects Ahmedabad to Bhavnagar.
  • By Air – Nearest airport is Bhavnagar Airport which is 101 km away. There are flights from Mumbai airport to Bhavnagar.

Conclusion – About Mahuva beach

I have tried my best to give proper information about Mahuva beach here, hope you have understood everything very well. Keep visiting the website for the latest posts.

Mahuva beach Map

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