cpwd full form – What is the full form of CPWD?

cpwd full form : Central Public Works Department is a public works agency of the Government of India.What is the full form of CPWD ?, What is CPWD ?, CPWD definition / CPWD means? and What is the meaning of CPWD ?.

The public works department is the central body responsible for all types of development works and all aspects of public services in India.

cpwd full form – Responsibilities and job categories

CPWD, or Central Public Works Department, is an Indian governmental body responsible for the construction and maintenance of bridges, highways and public transport, drinking water sources, and many other public services.

cpwd full form
cpwd full form

In other words, Central Public Works Department is the government department which is responsible for the construction and management of public infrastructure like roads, bridges, water systems, government buildings etc.

The CPWD oversees the works and projects of the Government of India including security, roads and highway facilities, maintenance and restructuring of government buildings that were earlier handled by the Indian Army.

In the 19th century the responsibility of public works was transferred from the Indian Civil Service to the section.

CPWD, a central agency, is responsible to the central government, whereas PWD, is a public works department in all states responsible to various state governments.

Responsibilities of CPWD & cpwd full form

The Central Public Works Department or CPWD has many responsibilities such as

CPWD is responsible for construction in case of any damage to government infrastructure like schools, highways, hospitals etc.

The Central Public Works Department is responsible for providing clean drinking water to your city and repairing broken water pipes.

The central public work development normally performs similar duties in India such as design and construction of all government public projects, protection of roads and highways, construction and development of highways, maintenance and up-gradation of government buildings etc.

CPWD job categories

The duties and functions of the Central Public Works Department are divided into four main categories such as –

  1. Bridge construction and maintenance, etc.
  2. building bridges
  3. Construction and maintenance of any government building
  4. Construction, development, protection of roads, highways and flyovers etc.
  5. Drinking water system.
  6. government building construction
  7. road construction
  8. to arrange for drinking water

cpwd full form – What does CPWD mean? What is the full form of CPWD?

  • cpwd full form is Central Public Works Department. It is used on government, departments and agencies in India
  • The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) of India is a central government-owned authority that is in charge of public sector works in the country.
  • CPWD full form is Carleton Place Water Dragons. It is used on regionals, societies and clubs in Canada.
  • The Carleton Place Water Dragons (CPWD) Swim Club is a voluntary, not for profit organization in Ontario, Canada.

Other famous full forms of CPWD

  1. Center for Professional Workforce Development
  2. Center for People With Disabilities

Frequently Asked Questions About CPWD

Q. What is CPWD CPWD Full Form In Hindi?
Ans. Central Public Works Department

Q. When was CPWD formed?
Ans. July 1854

Q. Where is the headquarters of CPWD?
Ans. new Delhi

Q. Who established CPWD?
Ans. James Brun – Ramsay and Dalhousie

Q. Who is the present Director General of CPWD?
Ans. Shri Vinit Kumar Jaiswal

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