migration certificate – what is migration certificate?

Migration Certificate : What is Migration Certificate? How to make it? – If you are a student of school, college or any university, then you must have heard Domicile Certificate, Migration Certificate, Cast Certificate, Character Certificate etc.

many times. During our studies, these certificates are required from time to time in our institute.

In such a situation, it is very important for all of us to have knowledge about them. In our previous article, we talked about what is Domicile Certificate ie Domicile Certificate, where it is needed and how it can be made online and offline.

If you do not know what is the original residence certificate and how can we get it made, then you can get all the information in detail by clicking on What is Domicile Certificate?.

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what is migration certificate?

Let us talk in detail in this article today, what is Migration Certificate? Why is it needed and how can it be made?

migration certificate
migration certificate

Actually, taking transfer from one course to another course or from one university to another while studying in school university is called migration.

If you want to take admission in some other college during the course of next year, you still need Migration Certificate. Along with this, every school, college and university has some rules and regulations, only after which you get migration.

For example, suppose you are a student of Delhi University, after the completion of one year of your course, you want to get transferred to another course, then you have to apply for Migration Certificate by following the rules and regulations and you will have to Migration will be available in other courses.

Not only this, if your course is regular and you want your transfer in any correspondence then that is also possible but keep in mind, it is not applicable in semester related courses.

There are many types of migration, such as Inter College Migration, in which you take transfer from one course to another.

Provided that according to the rules of the college, you are allowed by the department and your marks are also fine.

After which we come to the second type of Migration, that is Inter University Migration, in which you take transfer from one university to another or want to go to correspondence course from regular.

For which all your subjects should be clear in the first year and the result should also be according to the rules of the college and university.

How to get Migration Certificate made?

Hope you have understood well in the above given information that what is Migration Certificate? And why is it needed. Let us now talk about how the Migration Certificate can be made?

Actually, every board and university has different rules under which you have to follow the migration process. If you are from Maharashtra board then you have facility to apply online for certificate but this facility is not available in Uttar Pradesh board. For which the student has to contact directly in the office itself.

If you are a student of Uttar Pradesh Board and want to apply for Migration certificate, then you have to fill the UP Board Migration Certificate Application Form with cleanliness, along with which you will also need a recommendation letter from the college.

Also, you will have to pay around Rs 300 as the fee for the Migration Certificate. Which you have to submit along with the documents in your nearest Uttar Pradesh Board office.

So this was the basic information related to the Migration Certificate. If you want to apply for transfer, then you can apply according to the rules of your university or college, as well as if you have any question related to Migration Certificate, then you do not forget to ask us in the comment box below.

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