sdo full form – What is the Full form of SDO?

sdo full form : In this post you will know that an SDO Officer i.e. What is SDO?, What is SDO full form, How to become SDO Officer, What is Powers of SDO?

What is SDO Meaning? & sdo full form

sdo full form – SDO: Sub Divisional Officer

sdo full form
sdo full form

Friends, in this article of ours today, we will give you every information related to SDO. SDO is appointed in almost every government department, it is a divisional level officer, who does many types of work.

Almost every district in our country is divided into small blocks and for all these officers are appointed by every government department. Also Read My Prev Article Like A To Z Full Form

full form of SDO Sub Divisional Officer
full form of SDO in Hindi अनुविभागीय अधिकारी

There is an SDO in almost every district and in every government department in India who do many types of work. In order to regulate and maintain the law and order of a country in an efficient manner, the states are divided into districts and the districts are further divided into divisions.

The persons appointed by the government for the orderly operation of law and order in that sub-division are known as sub-divisional officers.

The Sub Divisional Officer is the Chief Civil Officer of the Sub-Division. Can be appointed in various departments of government like civil, engineering, electricity, water, central public works department (CPWD), department of posts, MES (Military Engineering Services) etc.

The work of the SDO is to conduct the government works properly at the divisional level.

What is SDO full form?

1. SDO – Sub Division Officer
2. SDO – Sub Divisional Officer
3. SDO – Supervisor Divisional Officer

The full form of SDO is Sub Divisional Officer, while (SDO Full Form) it is also known as Sub Divisional Officer.

This is a government post, which is in almost every department of every state of the country like electricity department, police department, irrigation department etc.

An SDO is appointed in every city and district of all the states of the country, who works to handle the government system smoothly.

A sub-divisional magistrate is a post sometimes given to the chief officer of a district subdivision, an administrative officer sometimes below the level of the district, depending on the government structure of the country.

  • To become an SDO officer, your age should be between 21 to 30 years. On the other hand, OBC and SC/ST category candidates get 3 and 5 years age relaxation respectively.
  • To appear in the SDO exam, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.
  • The SDM is usually an officer of the PCS ranking. Each district is divided into tehsils.
  • It is empowered by tax inspector, collector magistrate. All the subdivisions (Tehsils) are under the charge of the SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate).

For example, when an SDO in Rajasthan such as RAS (a Rajasthan Administrative services officer) performs his normal duties, he is known as SDO and whenever he is a member of staff to maintain law and order in his area. Acting as a magistrate and adjudicating in land revenue matters, they are known as SDMs.

How to become SDO?

Know how to become a Sub Divisional Officer:

Also SDO(ub Divisional Officer) is selected by the government in main 2 methods. The first is selected by promotion in the department, in which there are small officers of that department, who are promoted to the post of SDO for their good work. On the other hand, the government also organizes examinations for the direct recruitment of these posts.

SDO Officer is a Govt Officer under the State Government, so it is also selected by the Government of each State itself. SDO is selected by the state government through the examination of PSC (Public Service Commission), then Public Service Commission.

Every year in almost every state, the Public Service Commission conducts the exam for the selection of SDO and interested candidates can fill this exam form and give this exam. Know what is UPSC.

In this, the candidate should be a graduate in the field of the concerned department. To become a sub-divisional officer, the candidate must have a graduate degree from any recognized university.

Your age should be between 21 to 30 years to apply for this post. There is a relaxation of about 3 years for OBC candidates as well as about 5 years for SC/ST.

To pass this exam, you must sharpen your general knowledge.

  • You must understand the importance of mock tests. If you want to score real marks in the exam then you
  • should practice at least 15 mock tests. 1 or 2 tests will not work.
  • Go through previous years IAS question papers to understand how the actual exam is conducted.
  • Read daily newspapers like The Hindu and The Indian Express.
  • Read NCERT books to read about History, Geography and Civics.

Other Full Form Of SDO

Short Form Full Form
SDO Full Form In English Sub Divisional Officer
SDO Full Form In UPPCL Sub Divisional Officer
SDO Full Form In Electrical
Sub Divisional Officer
SDO Full Form In Bijli Vibhag Sub Divisional Officer
SDO Full Form In Civil Engineering Sub Divisional Officer
SDO Full Form In Government Sub Divisional Officer
SDO Full Form In Hospital Standards Development
SDO Stamp Distribution Office
SDO Scattered Disk Object
SDO Service Data Objects
SDO Sports Development Officer
SDO Supplementary Defence Option

Power & Roles of Sub Divisional Magistrates

The Sub Divisional Officer or Assistant Engineer has some financial and technical power in respect of new or maintenance civil works. However, any amount of work is executed in the field by the SDO and his office.

He executes the work following the specification of the work and within the scope of BOQ (Items/rates/quantity). After successfully completing the work, his office prepares the bill and sends it to the Executive Engineer for verification and subsequent payment.

The post of SDO is very important, he should have good knowledge of codes, rules, technicalities, managerial procedures, financial good practices.

Revenue functions

The revenue functions include maintenance of land records, handling of revenue affairs, demarcation and mutation settlement, settlement operations and custodian of public land.

Sub Divisional Magistrates are designated as Assistant Collectors and Revenue Assistants and are primarily responsible for day-to-day revenue operations.

Revenue staff subordinate to Girdavars, Kanungos (Revenue Inspectors) and Patwaris are under the supervision of Tehsildars, who are involved in field level revenue activities and mutation.

They also have the right to issue many types of statutory certificates, which include SC/ST and OBC, Domicile, Nationality etc. Registration of property documents, sale deeds, power of attorneys, share certificates and all other documents which are compulsorily required to be registered as per law.

Magisterial functions

Sub Divisional Magistrates (SDOs) exercise the powers of an Executive Magistrate. In this role he is responsible for administering preventive sections of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

They also inquire into cases of unnatural deaths of women within seven years of marriage and issue directions to the police to register cases if required.

Sub Divisional Magistrates (SDMs) are empowered to inquire about custodial deaths including deaths in Police Lock Up, Jails, Women Homes etc.

The officers of this department are also expected to act as the eyes and ears of the government and inquire into many major accidents including major accidents. These include fires incidents, riots and natural calamities etc.

Disaster Management

This department is given the primary responsibility for relief and rehabilitation works in any natural or man-made disaster.

It is also responsible for the awareness generation program for natural and chemical disasters. Which is run with the help of United Nations Development to coordinate preparedness of disaster management plan.

Difference Between SDO and SDM

The SDO is called the Sub-Officer SDM is called the Sub-Divisional Judge
SDO vary from district to district SDM to every district
SDO only has the responsibility of arranging its department SDM has the burden of organizing the entire district
The number of SDO is more than the number of SDMs

conclusion – sdo full form

Dear Friends! In this sdo full form post, you have given information about a government official SDO Full Form, SDO Work & SDO Kaise Bane. Hope you liked our post and found the given information helpful to you in understanding this post.

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SDO Full Form List & Category – All Full Forms of SDO:

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SDO Service Data Objects Programming & Development
SDO Social Dominance Orientation Sociology
SDO Silent Death Games & Entertainment
SDO Solar Dynamics Observatory Astronomy & Space Science
SDO Sports Development Office Sports
SDO Standards Development Organization Computer and Networking
SDO Sudden Death Overtime Sports
SDO Sustainable Development Organization Environment & Nature Organizations
SDO Sub Division Office Departments & Agencies
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SDO Serial Data Output Electrical
SDO Senior Defense Official Military and Defence
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SDO Squad Day Optic Military
SDO Sistema Direzionale Orientale Land Transport
SDO Senior Divisional Officer Titles
SDO Stock Distribution Option Business Terms
SDO Sanayee Development Organization Regional Organizations
SDO Senior Dental Officer Military
SDO Staff Duty Officer Military
SDO Station Duty Officer Military
SDO San Diego Opera Association Companies & Corporations
SDO Stamp Distribution Office Departments & Agencies
SDO Ryotsu Sado Island Airport Code
SDO Senior Duty Officer Military
SDO Secure Device Onboard Military
SDO Selective Door Opening Automotive
SDO Sustainable Development Online Internet
SDO Scattered Disk Object Astronomy & Space Science
SDO Ryotsu Sado Is Airport Codes
SDO Ryotsu Sado Is, Ryotsu Sado Is, Japan Airport Codes
SDO Service Delivery Operators Healthcare
SDO Spatial Data Object Softwares
SDO Self Describing Object Database Management
SDO Ship’s Debarkation Officer Military and Defence
SDO Sports And Development Office Departments & Agencies
SDO S Duty Officer Military
SDO Selective Door Operation Air Transport
SDO Social Development Officers Titles
SDO Senior Designated Official Policies & Programs
SDO Squadron Duty Officer Military
SDO Spatial Data Option General Computing
SDO Securities Division Order Law & Legal
SDO Servicing District Office Departments & Agencies
SDO Space Discovery Office Astronomy & Space Science

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