Model View Controller(MVC) in PHP Hello World Example

Hello All dev, Here We learn to PHP Hello World With mvc architecture in php example as well as database connection without any framework.

Hello World Example using PHP MVC

i have to create main 2 files in PHP Hello World Example like bellow.

  • controller/welcome.php
  • views/welcome/index.php

definition of the mvc in php

MODEL:here php model is a class file which contains the Database connectivity queries inside it.

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CONTROLLER:This file access the all methods and here easy to define a variables declared.

VIEW:It all the data contains all the html body part and view page like as a listing, form or more.
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In php Controller make a file named like as a “welcome.php”. This php file will be saved in the Controller folder.

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class Welcome extends Controller {

	function __construct() {
	function index() {

and then simple Create a file name main root file like name as a index.php as well as place inside HTML views folder.


<!DOCTYPE html>  
 <p>Welcome To Pakainfo!!</p>  
 <b>PHP Hello World Example</b>

Last step to you can run the php file in any browser like as a Mozila, Chrome.: http://localhost/mvc/welcome/index

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