Popular Nayak Caste Category, Surnames, Gotras And Communities in 2024

Nayak Caste – Friends, in this post we will talk about Nayak caste and tell you what is Nayak caste and how Nayak caste originated and what is the history of Nayak caste, so let’s start-

Nayak Caste – Origin and History of Nayak Caste

Nayak Caste

Nayak are a Hindu and Sikh caste; Some of the Nayak Caste are Punjabis who are found in India and Pakistan. The Nayakas mainly follow Hinduism and Sikhism. According to Vinay Krishna Gidwani, the Nayakas claim that they were historically Brahmins. Nayaks who follow Sikhism are mostly found in West Bengal, Punjab and Chandigarh.

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Which caste is Nayak?

Nayak or Naik or Nayaka or Naique Used By Koli & Bhil Community.

origin of Nayak caste / Origin of Nayak and Layek surname

Nataraja was worshiped as a god Nataraja i.e. Shiva used to worship God, at that time there used to be a joint family. He had a chief, whom the Nagas called Nayak.

In this way, the word Nayak originated from the Adimanava Naga, as the population of the primitive man increased, the hunting people made their own separate group. Which was a group of brave courageous mighty people.

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If we talk about the whole of India, then every caste should be named under the class system, but the name of the hero caste itself has been named after beauty.

Nayaka: The orator (chief, chieftain) of the warriors who went to war was called ‘Nayaka’, who was brave and skilled, intelligent, talented in the art of war.

  1. The origin of Nayak was from the Suryavansh and Kshatriya of Raghuvansh.
  2. Presently the Nayak is an upper class caste.
  3. According to the Raghuvansham epic, the hero Maryada Purushottam is a descendant of Lord Rama.
  4. Lord Rama is considered as Raghuvanshi or hero and Rajputs believe this fact to be true.

Kuldevi of Nayak community – Nayak Caste

Thandla (Naiduniya News). Seven km away from the city, this area of Van Mata, who is enshrined in a deserted area in the midst of a dense forest near the pond in village Sajeli, is very ancient. Here the tribal and Nayak community worships this area as Kuldevi.

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types of Nayak Caste in india

  1. Suryavanshi Rajput (Suryavanshi)
  2. Raghuvanshi Rajput (branch of Suryavanshi)
  3. Saraswat Brahmin (Brahmin branch on the banks of river Saraswati)
  4. Punjabi/Nayak (Sikh)

Types of Nayak Caste by Occupation

  • Zamindar Nayak
  • Rajput Nayak.
  1. Presently Nayak is a farmer, who does farming and animal husbandry and some people do government and private jobs.
  2. In Rajasthan Suryavanshi/Raghuvanshi Nayak/Rajput marriages take three and a half rounds and men have not applied Mehndi.
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dwelling place of nayak caste

  1. Punjab.
  2. Rajasthan.
  3. Haryana.
  4. North South India and Pakistan.

Demographics and Occupation

Nayak Caste- Nayak live in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and West Bengal. They are found among Rajputs, Jats, Sikhs and Bengalis.

They considered themselves Suryavanshi Kshatriyas, they also live in Khammam district and West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh and several villages near Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

According to Katherine Hansen, the main occupation of Gujarati heroes was “singing, dancing and acting in plays”.

Gotra of Nayak community – Nayak Caste

sloth Adiwal Athwal
Adia linseed real
cud bitter Welfare
Kalani Kadeli Kadvasara
corner kharadi hollow
shell khonia played
Khardu the gap Khadlu
guwadiya gachand gang
Jajotd Gawaria Gehlot
Godwal gruesome hurt
Ghotia Ghoghaliya Chawriya
chindalia bard Charasiya
Chhaparwal difficult add
zaidiya Jhajhota done
dhwal Dumna Denududa
Dabla dulgach in diam
Targya Tawa Dupaga
Tagala dolida Dabodia
washed shameless Nakhatia
Naniana enough Pawar
crack poluswal fard
Barvasa Baresia Behaal
bokada Bagdia berwal
Vasist dispute Virad
goldsmith sarsar Somvat
sodhi Hermit Sirsia
died Singhania proven
sagelia Sayat sowal
Sisodia Rao ranwa
ragwal rundwal hobania

conclusion – Nayak Caste

Friends, in this post, we have told you what is the Nayak caste and how did the Nayak caste originate and what is the history of the Nayak caste, apart from this we have also given other information about the Nayak caste, if If you like the information then comment and share the post.

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