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ncc full form: The full form of NCC is “National Cadet Corps”. NCC means “National Cadet Corps” in Hindi. NCC is the Military Cadet Corps of India which provides basic military training to the students of schools and colleges.

It comprises the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Its aim is to make students disciplined and patriotic citizens. Its Headquarters is in Delhi and its Directorates are located in different states of India.

NCC Full Form : NCC Full Form in Army, School, and College

Ncc full form is NCC: National Cadet Corps

Some of the names of NCC camps are as follows:-

  1. army camp
  2. Group Competition Camp
  3. India Mountain Training Camp
  4. India Tracking Camp
  5. sleeping camp
  6. training camp

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How to Join NCC?

  • To join NCC, you can join NCC by contacting the NCC teacher of your school or college.
  • To join NCC, you have a small physical test and for this you also have to fill a form.
  • After that your NCC training will start, if your school or college does not have NCC course, then you can join NCC in any school or college near you.
  • There are main two divisions in NCC, First Junior Division and Second Senior Division.
  • You have to join one of these divisions according to your age and class.

History of NCC & NCC full form

NCC in India was established in 1950. It was initially known as the main name of the ‘University Corps’. When the Indian Border Act was passed in 1920, a campaign was started to attract university students to the army in India. Under this campaign, University Corps was formed.

Later, to attract more university corps, UTC i.e. University Training Corps was formed. This was an important step in the Indianization of the army. Its name was changed to UOTC so that the National Cadet Corps could be considered as its successor.

During the Second World War, India agreed to aid the British in the World War and handed over its military forces to Britain. But the UOTC did not live up to the British aspirations. Therefore it was suggested that a new system be designed to better train more young men.

A committee recommended that a National Cadet Organization be established in schools and colleges. The Governor-General approved the Sainik Yuva Foundation Act. The Soldier Youth Foundation was established in July 1950.

The NCC curriculum was expanded in the same year to include community service activities as part of the NCC curriculum. After the Indo-China war in 1962, NCC training became mandatory in 1963. In addition, the Corps was once again deemed voluntary in 1968.

NCC cadets served as the second line of defense during the 1965 and 1971 wars. The NCC set up camps to help supply arms and ammunition to the frontline ordnance factories.

NCC patrols were used to nab the enemy paratroopers. The NCC cadets also cooperated with the civil defense officers. They were also conscientiously cooperate in release and traffic manage operations.

The NCC curriculum was last updated after the year of the 1971. The redesigned NCC curriculum laid more emphasis on developing leadership and officer-like traits.

The amount of military training received by NCC cadets was also reduced. High priority was given to social service and youth management.

NCC Full Form

NCC National Capital Commission
NCC National Community Church
NCC NewCastle City Council
NCC Nikko Cordial Corporation
NCC Nondescripts Cricket Club
NCC Norwalk Community College
NCC Nunawading Christian College

Benefits of NCC Certificate

  1. NCC cadets get priority in state and central government appointments.
  2. 64 seats are reserved in the Indian Military Academy (IMA) for NCC ‘C’ certificated cadets.
  3. Cadets who have obtained NCC B or C certificate do not have to appear in the written examination of ‘CDS’ in Short Service Commission.
  4. Special relaxation is given to NCC C certificate holders in Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces. Some seats are reserved for them.
  5. There are 6 vacancies in every course of Navy and 10 percent relaxation in Airforce in every course.

NCC’s goal

  • The main goal of NCC’s is to contribute support to the Army.
  • The motto of NCC is – “Unity and Discipline”; This principle was adopted on 12 October 1980.
  • It is also aimed at motivating them to make a living in the Armed Forces.

Other Full forms of NCC – List of the ncc full form

Full Form Category
Country Club
National Cancer Coalition Non-Profit Organizations
National Capital Commission Firms & Organizations
National Certification Corporation Companies & Firms
National Certified Counselor Occupation & Positions
National City Corporation NYSE Symbols
National Clean Cities Non-Profit Organizations
National Clearing Corporation General Business
National Collaborating Centre Software
National Communications Coordinator Governmental
National Community Church Religion & Spirituality
National Constitution Center Non-Profit Organizations
National Construction Council Companies & Firms
National Consultative Conference Conferences
National Council of Churches Religion
National Counselor Certification Awards & Medals
Naval Construction Contract Military
Navigation Command Center Transportation
Navigation Control Center Military
Navy Command Center Military
Neighborhood Capital Corporation Non-Profit Organizations
Net Cargo Capacity Transportation
Network Color Code Networking
Network Control Center Military
Network Coordination Centre Networking
Newcastle City Council Departments & Agencies
Niigata Computer College Universities & Institutions
Nikko Cordial Corporation Companies & Corporations
Nissan Computer Corporation Companies & Firms
No Credit Card General Business

NCC related question and answer – ncc full form

What is NCC Full Form?

The full form of NCC is “National Cadet Corps”. It is known in Hindi as National Cadet Corps.

When was NCC established in India?

NCC was established in the year 1948, it was passed in April, 1948 and came into existence on July 16, 1948.

Is the certificate given to girl students for taking training through NCC?

Yes, certificates are provided to all the girl students who take training through NCC. Through these certificates, he can get special exemption in military recruitment.

Are camps organized for providing training to candidates through National Cadet Corps?

Yes, camps are organized through the National Cadet Corps to provide training to all the candidates.

What is Full Forms of NCC?

Sr. No. Term Category NCC Full Form
1 NCC Indian Armed Force National Cadet Corps
2 NCC USA Navel Construction Contract
3 NCC Indian Company Nagarjuna Construction Company
5 NCC Cellulose Nano Crystalline Cellulose
6 NCC Election Narayanganj City Corporation
9 NCC Education Nash Community College
10 NCC Educational Nashua Society College
11 NCC Automotive Nashville Corvette Club
12 NCC Education Nassau Community College
13 NCC Educational Nassau Society College
14 NCC Athletics Natchitoches Country Club
15 NCC Elections National Call Centre
16 NCC Medical National Cancer Center
17 NCC Medical National Cancer Centre
18 NCC Organization National Cancer Coalition
19 NCC Canada National Capital Commission
20 NCC Service National Capitol Contracting
21 NCC Automotive National Car Cleaning
22 NCC Automotive National Car Company
23 NCC Technology National Caravan Council
24 NCC Geography National Cartographic Centre
25 NCC Companies or Organizations National Caster Corporation
26 NCC Pharmaceutical National Cat Corporation
27 NCC Companies or Organizations National Certification Corporation
28 NCC Occupation & Positions National Certified Counselor
29 NCC Cheerleading National Cheerleading Championship
30 NCC Professional Organizations National Chicken Council
31 NCC Uncategorized National Children’s Center
34 NCC Banking National City Corp
35 NCC NYSE Symbols National City Corporation
36 NCC Freight National Classification Committee
37 NCC Organization National Clean Cities
38 NCC Business National Clearing Corporation
39 NCC Technology National Climate Centre
40 NCC Medical National Collaborating Centre
41 NCC Medical National College of Chiropractic
42 NCC Forum National Collegiate Conference
43 NCC Information Technology National Colour Code
44 NCC Military National Command Center
45 NCC Local – Ghana National Commission on Civilization
46 NCC Taiwan National Communication Commission
47 NCC Governmental National Communications Coordinator
48 NCC Church National Community Church
49 NCC Government National Competition Council
50 NCC Business National Competitiveness Council
51 NCC Uncategorized National Composite Center
52 NCC Computing National Computer Center
53 NCC Technology National Computer Conference
54 NCC Computing National Computer Corp
55 NCC Computing National Computer Corporation
56 NCC Technology National Computing Center
57 NCC Technology National Computing Centre
58 NCC Forum National Conference on Communications
59 NCC Organization National Constitution Center
60 NCC Companies or Organizations National Construction Council
61 NCC Forum National Consultative Conference
62 NCC Politics National Continuity Coordinator
63 NCC Companies or Organizations National Controls Corp
64 NCC Technology National Coordinating Center
65 NCC Technology National Coordinating Center for Telecommunications
66 NCC Syria National Co-ordination Committee
67 NCC Automotive National Corvette Caravan
68 NCC Council National Cotton Council
69 NCC Church National Council of Churches
70 NCC Awards & Medals National Counselor Certification
71 NCC Information Technology National Cybersecurity Center
72 NCC Churches National Society Church
73 NCC Certifications & Diplomas Nationally Certified Counselor
74 NCC Politics Native Canadian Commission
75 NCC Nuclear Natural Convection Cooldown
76 NCC Organization Nature Conservancy of Canada
77 NCC Navy Naval Celestial Cruiser
78 NCC Navy Naval Commissioning Code
79 NCC Army Naval Component Commander
80 NCC Navy Naval Construction Code
81 NCC Army Naval Construction Society
82 NCC Transportation Navigation Command Center
83 NCC Uncategorized Navigation Contact Code
84 NCC Transportation Navigation Control Centre
85 NCC Army Navy Component Command
86 NCC Army Navy Component Commander
87 NCC Automotive Naylor Car Club
88 NCC Automotive Needle Closing Control
89 NCC Military Negotiated Contract Cost
91 NCC Organization Neighborhood Capital Corporation
92 NCC Local Neighbourhood Christian Center
93 NCC Automotive Nelson Car Club
94 NCC Medical Nested Case-Control
95 NCC Transportation Net Cargo Capacity
96 NCC Internet Net Cheats Clan
97 NCC Engineering Net Contribution Clause
98 NCC Awards & Medals Netcool Certified Consultant
99 NCC Educational Netherlands Corrosion Centre
100 NCC Information Technology Netware Client Configuration
101 NCC Companies or Organizations Network and Computer Consultants
102 NCC Information Technology Network Centric Computing
103 NCC Information Technology Network Color Code
104 NCC Information Technology Network Connectivity Center
105 NCC Technology Network Control Centre
106 NCC Information Technology Network Control Circuit
107 NCC Information Technology Network Coordination Centre
108 NCC Companies or Organizations Networking Computer Consultants

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