PMT Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of PMT?

PMT Full Form, PMT Full Information, What is PMT, PMT Meaning, PMT Kya Hai,What is PMT Full Form?

There are many people in our country who want to become a doctor and prepare for it, but those who prepare for it must know that what is the full form of PMT (PMT Full Form).

PMT Full Form – PMT Full Information

pmt full form

If you do not know what its full name is, then you must know it because it can be useful for you further or if any member of your family has to prepare for it, then it will prove beneficial for him.

Many students have a desire to become a doctor, but do not know how to become a doctor, then for that we have written a separate article, which you can read and get information about it.

So let us know what is the full name of this word (What is the Full form of PMT).

PMT stands for pre medical test

What is the full form of PMT?

The full form of PMT is Pre Medical Test.

The full name is Pre Medical Test, which means examination to get admission in a medical college.

The entrance examination to be taken for the admission of medical college and university candidates and students is called Pre Medical Test. Which is organized all over the country.

The name of All India Pre Medical Test has now been changed to National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG).

Pre medical paste was a type of examination to get admission in medical college which was conducted annually in India.

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When it was conducted as a pre-medical test, the responsibility of conducting this exam was on CBSE. Yes, but later its responsibility was given to the National Testing Agency (NTA).

National Testing Agency which is located in Delhi organizes it all over the country for admission in BDS and MBBS courses.

In addition to this, the 15 percent seats in the college which go under this, besides this includes Union of India Municipal and Local Authority.

The exam pattern of All India Pre Medical Test was changed in 2010. The two-stage test was made a two-tier test consisting of a main exam and a preliminary exam.

Objective questions are asked and subjective questions are asked in the main examination, whichever students pass in the preliminary examination in the main examination, then they are allowed to appear in its main examination.

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Full form in police
Physical Efficiency Test

pmt full form In marketing
Product Management Team

pmt full form In ophthalmology
Post mydriatic test

pmt full form In hotel
Pre opening missions

pmt full form In bus
Pune Municipal Transport

Full Form of PMT and Full Form of JEE

Academic & Science » Exams & Tests

  1. PMT stands for pre medical test.
  2. JEE stands for joint entrance examination.
  3. CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education
  4. NTA stands for National Testing Agency

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Eligibility for Medical Entrance Exam –

For the information of the candidates who want to participate in the PMT exam, let us tell you that the National Testing Agency has kept some eligibility to participate in the examination,

whose information is as follows-

  1. Candidate must have passed class 12th in Science from a recognized board.
  2. Candidate should have at least 50% marks.
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Exam pattern of PMT –

  • Under PMT exam, multiple choice questions are asked from the candidate on subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
  • Let us tell here that if you answer a question correctly, then you are given 4 marks for it and if you answer a question wrong, then one mark will be deducted for it.
  • Apart from this, also inform that this exam is one of the toughest exams in India, which is very difficult to pass.

Other PMT Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Pre Medical Test Entrance Exam PMT
Pune Municipal Transport Transport PMT
Photomultiplier Tube Academic PMT
Program Management Team Computer and Networking PMT
Peering Mapping Table Networking PMT
Page Management Table Softwares PMT
PULLAMPET Indian Railway Station PMT
Photo-multiplier Tube Electronics PMT
Planning/management Team Space Science PMT
Production Monitoring Test Space Science PMT
Personal Motivating Time Job Title PMT
Paramakotoi Airport Code PMT
Program Map Table Database Management PMT
Packaging Machinery Technology Technology PMT
Personal Mathematics Tutorial Maths PMT
Pressuremeter Earth Science PMT
Photo Multiplier Tube Physics Related PMT
Priority Management Tool Business Management PMT
Product Management Team Business Management PMT
Project Management Team Military and Defence PMT

What does PMT mean?

  • It is an entrance exam for a medical student who wants to start medical after 12th standard.
  • It helps the students to select according to their ability, aptitude and allot them a seat or section.
  • The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET-UG) now replaces the PMT exam.
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What is the abbreviation for Pre Medical Test?
PMT is the abbreviation for Pre Medical Test.

What is the full form of PMT?
The full form of Pre Medical Test is PMT.


It is important for the students who want to become a doctor, it is important to know from the beginning that what is the examination by which admission can be taken in it.

This is the reason why in today’s post we have shared this information that the entrance exam which is taken to become a doctor is called pre medical test. But not everyone knows that what is the full form of PMT and what is its full name.

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