NSS Full Form – What Is The Meaning Of NSS?

NSS Full Form or NSS Kya Hota Hai? – Do you know about NSS and do you know what happens in NSS Full Form? If not, then in this post you will know everything you need about NSS.

Whenever someone related to environmental protection, sanitation, emergency process, health, literacy work or to help the people affected during natural calamity, NSS works.

NSS Full Form – What is the full form of NSS?

  • NSS: National Service Scheme

Slogan of NSS

Not Me But You is the slogan of the NSS.

Governmental » Census & Statistics

National Sample Survey

Activities undertaken by NSS

  1. Adventure programs
  2. Blood donation
  3. Disaster Management
  4. Immunisation
  5. National Integration Camp
  6. Plantation
  7. Shramdaan


The Motto of NSS “Not Me But You”.

NSS Full Form

NSS Full Form is called “National Service Scheme” or you can say “National Service Scheme” and NSS Ka Full Form in English is called “National Service Scheme”.

In India, the government works to increase the participation of students in nation building through social work.

nss full form in college

National Service Scheme. NSS is a public service sponsored by Govt

nss full form in school

The full form of NSS is National Service Scheme.

nss full form in medical

Nutrition Support Services

NSS Abbreviation for:

  • National Services Scotland
  • nephron-sparing surgery
  • neurologic severity score
  • normal saline solution
  • normal size and shape
  • not statistically significant
  • nutrition support services

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NSS Kya Hai?

First you should know that NSS was started in 1969 by the Government of India.

This is a scheme of the Government of India. The main objective of which is to encourage the youth to increase public participation in the work of the nation.

This scheme mainly works on 12th class students.

These people work to give opportunities to all the students whether they are 12th pass students, university level students, to participate in the community service activities of the government and government schemes and programs.

As you can know from the NSS Full Form that all the government schemes by the government running in the nation, which is for the students, this institution body works on the same.

How to join NSS?

If you also feel like joining NSS, then you can take the recruitment form by talking to the NSS head of your school.

You can join by filling the details given in it.

Then you submit your form, they will add you after few days and you will become a volunteer of NSS.

When you become a volunteer, you also have some responsibility on top and for some period you will have to work in social service as well.

In this, you complete your work by doing at least 240 hours of work i.e. social service in 2 years.

Only after that you will get the NSS certificate. Which will help you to strengthen your CV in future.

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NSS stands for :

  1. NATURAL Security System
  2. NTRU Signature Scheme
  3. Name Service Switch
  4. Name Service Switching
  5. Namibia Scientific Society
  6. National Screen Service
  7. National Security Service
  8. National Security Strategy
  9. National Service Scheme
  10. National Space Society
  11. National Speleological Society
  12. National Standards System
  13. Necklace Sterling Silver
  14. New Skies Satellites
  15. New Statesman Society
  16. Nice Skate Shoes
  17. Nodal Switching System
  18. Normal Saline Solution
  19. Normal Size and Shape
  20. Northern Secondary School
  21. Norton ScreenSaver module (NC – NDW Screen Saver)
  22. Not So Serious (Internet chat)
  23. Not Statistically Significant
  24. Novell Storage Services

Other full forms of NSS

Full Form Category
National Sample Survey Census & Statistics (India)
N S Group, Inc. NYSE Symbols
Nair Service Society Regional Organizations
Name Service Switch Networking
Name Service Switching Internet
Namibia Scientific Society Non-Profit Organizations
Nanakaland Space Ship Science Fiction
National Screen Service News & Media
National Search and Rescue Secretariat Departments & Agencies
National Security Service US Government
National Security Strategy Military
National Space Society International Orgaizations
National Speleological Society Regional Organizations
National Standards System US Government
Navy Standardized Score Military
Necklace Sterling Silver Products
Neutral Salt Spray Chemistry
New Sectional Standard US Government
New Skies Satellites Companies & Firms
New Statesman Society Community
Nice Skate Shoes Chat
Nintendo Sega Sony Companies & Firms
Nodal Switching System Networking
Normal Saline Solution Physiology
Normal Size and Shape Physiology
Northern Secondary School Schools
Norton ScreenSaver module (NC – NDW
Screen Saver)
File Extensions
Not So Serious Chat
Not Statistically Significant Mathematics
Notification Subscription Server Networking
Novell Storage Services Networking
NTRU Signature Scheme Software

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So how did you like this information, in this I have told you all the things related to NSS Full Form and NSS Kya Hota hai.

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