php count lines in file – How to get the number of lines in a file using PHP?

php count lines in file – Efficiently counting the number of lines of a text file. This is a PHP function that will return the number lines in a text file. Use it to count lines in a data file.

php count lines in file

PHP – How to Calculate no of Lines in File?


function count_lines($file)
    $handle = fopen( $file, "r" );
    $count = 0;
    return $count;

$count = count_lines($file);
echo $count;


PHP program to count the number of lines in a text file :

$my_text_file = "documents_pakainfo.txt";
$all_lines = file($my_text_file);
$number_of_lines= count($all_lines);
echo $number_of_lines;

PHP Function to Count Lines in a Data Text File

Count lines a data text file

function isa_count_datafile_lines($file) {
    ini_set('memory_limit', '-1');
    $c = ( false === $arr) ? 0 : count($arr);
    set_time_limit(30);// restore to default
    ini_set('memory_limit','128M');// restore to default
    return $c;

php count files in directory

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$file = '/tmp/product_details.txt';
$count = isa_count_datafile_lines($file);
echo 'There are ' . number_format($count) . ' lines in ' . $file;

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