PHP remove last element from an array

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Today, We want to share with you PHP remove last element from an array.In this post we will show you Program to delete an element from array using unset() function, hear for remove last element from associative array php we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Program to remove empty array elements in PHP with an example.

PHP remove last element from an array

There are the Following The simple About remove last element from an array Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop php get last element of array and delete it., so the How to delete an element from an array in php? for this example is following below.

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Example 1: Use the PHP array_pop() function

$products_category = array("Clothing", "Music", "Posters", "Albums");
// Deleting last array item using PHP
$removed_products_category = array_pop($products_category);
echo "<br>";

Example 2: Deleting an element from an array in PHP

 $array = array('0' => "laptop", 1 => "mobile", 2 => "table"];


Example 3: Associative arrays

$array = array('a' => 1, 'b' => 2, 'c' => 3);

// RESULT: array('a' => 1, 'c' => 3)

Example 4: Follow the default functions:

$product_category_list = array("Laravel", "PHP", "MySQL", "JavaScript");


$product_category_list = array("Laravel", "PHP", "MySQL", "JavaScript");


$product_category_list = array("Laravel", "PHP", "MySQL", "JavaScript");


$product_category_list = array("Laravel", "PHP", "MySQL", "JavaScript");


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Example 5: How to Remove Elements from Arrays in PHP?

  // Our PHP initial array
  $arr = array("php", "angularjs", "vuejs", "magento", "angularjs", "wordpress", "magento", "reactjs", "vuejs");

  // Remove/delete the elements who's values are magento or vuejs
  $arr = array_diff($arr, array("magento", "vuejs"));

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