php optional parameters – How to create optional arguments in PHP ?

php optional parameters – User-defined functions can be defined to allow for optional parameters. Question : How to create optional arguments in PHP ?

php optional parameters

PHP allows to define optional parameters in function and method signatures. here PHP source code which create functions with optional arguments and parameters.

Default Function Parameters In PHP

Create PHP function with optional parameter or argument

<!--?php function FunctionWithOptionalArgs($n = 5) { echo "The argument value is ".$n; } ?-->

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<!--?php function AddNum($m = 5, $n = 10) { $sum = $m + $n; echo $sum; } ?-->

PHP: Using optional default parameters

Using optional default parameters in a function.

function getMembers($sort = false){
$membersArray = array(
'Virat', 'Karshan', 'bhavika', 'dipti'
if($sort === true){
return $membersArray;

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$members = getMembers();

$members = getMembers(true);

Required Parameters After Optional Parameters is Deprecated in PHP 8.0

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