pok Full Form – What Is The Meaning Of pok?

POK Full Form : Important information related to what is POK – Pok means Pakistan occupied Kashmir, pok Abbreviation, pok Kya Hai, pok Meaning, pok Full Form. In this blog post, we will answer all your queries related to the full form of the pok.

Today we are going to tell you about POK Full Form and will also tell you other very important information related to PoK, many people do not know much about it, so in this article you will get to learn a lot related to PoK.

We all often hear this word in books, in news, in films etc. in many different places, but we do not know much about its full name but it is very important for you to know about it.

This type of information can be very useful for you in future.

POK Full Form – POK Facts, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

Before telling other information about PoK, we are telling you its full name, what is its full name.

pok full form – pakistan occupied kashmir

pok full form
pok full form

It is also called Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, it means that the part of Kashmir which is in Pakistan is called POK.

P.O.K stands for Production order Kanban. Pok is one of the types of kanban systems.

what is POK? – What is POK Full Form as well as History of POK

The POK acronyms have links to several regions such as Basti Pok in Sarawak, Malaysia, Panathinaikos, the Athens football team, Olympiakos and Constantinopolis.

PoK is also related to Kashmir, let us know in detail.

what is POK

What is the full form of POK ?

Abbreviation : POK

  1. POK – Pakistan Occupied Kashmir
  2. POK – Pak occupied Kashmir

Full-Form Of LAC, LOC, POK

1. LAC – Line Of Actual Control
2. LOC – Line Of Control
3. POK – Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

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As we told you that this Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is called POK, it has been a disputed issue between India and Pakistan for a long time,

it was the original part of Kashmir, but by the attack of Pakistan itself occupied that part.

After which this part came to be considered as part of Pakistan.


As you would know that at the time of the independence of the country, the king of Kashmir was Harisingh and when Pakistan became a separate country, he had invaded Kashmir and took control over many parts of Kashmir.

He made a treaty with Mountbatten, the then Governor General of India, in which he accepted the merger of Kashmir with India.

After that the Government of India sent the then Indian Army for the security of Kashmir and saved Kashmir from Pakistan by driving Pakistan’s army from Kashmir, after which it was considered as a part of India and India made Kashmir a state by imposing Article 370.

Status was also given, for which many different rules and laws were made and Narendra Modi abolished the separate state status of Kashmir by removing Article 370.

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Interesting Facts About PoK

pok full form

We are going to tell you some such information about PoK which you may not know about but you must know about it because it is not just bookish knowledge but also a matter related to the security of the country.

  • This is that part of Jammu and Kashmir of India, which Pakistan along with tribal rebels had fraudulently annexed in 1947 and later Pakistan divided this part into two separate parts Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.
  • The territories under Pakistan claim themselves to be a self-governing assembly, but the truth is that it is completely under the control of Pakistan.
    PoK is that part of India which Pakistan had taken over by fraudulently attacking in 1947.
  • PoK is bordered by Pakistani Punjab, China’s Xinjiang region to the northwest by the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and Indian Kashmir to the east.
  • If we look at the entire PoK from a point of view by removing Gilgit-Baltistan of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), then it is spread over about 13,300 square kilometers, which has increased almost three times more than Kashmir of India.
  • Most of the people of Azad Kashmir make their living by agriculture and their main source of income is maize, wheat, forestry, and livestock etc.

Apart from this, there are many interesting and surprising things related to PoK, about which many people do not know.

Pakistan’s claim

Both India and Pakistan have been making continuous claims regarding PoK, in which Pakistan claims that according to the declaration of Pakistan of 1933, Pakistan was to be formed by merging five states of India on the basis of Muslim majority, one of which is Jammu and Kashmir.

India does not accept this.

India’s claim

Regarding Kashmir, the Indian government has also claimed that before the 1947 war, Jammu and Kashmir was an integral part of India, which was taken over by Pakistan fraudulently.

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main cause of stress

The tension between India and Pakistan remains the most as compared to other countries and the rules are also violated by Pakistan here, many patriots have also been martyred on the border of PoK,

the main reason for this is PoK itself because Pakistan is constantly India has been demanding Occupied Kashmir but India is not ready to give an inch of land to Pakistan at any cost.

Due to this, there is constant firing from Pakistan by violating the rules and there is always a tense situation on this border,

there have been many meetings between India and Pakistan at the international level to maintain peace, but there is no solution yet. got out.

Other Full Forms of POK

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Through this article, we have tried to tell you what is POK Full Form and other important information related to POK,

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