obc full form – What is the full form of OBC? – SC, ST And OBC Full Form

obc full form : What is OBC Full Form and which caste comes in OBC?

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about OBC Full Form, if you are not aware about it,

then today’s article can be very useful for you because in this we are going to give you complete information about OBC Caste.

We all often hear about OBC and many people are also aware of this word but many people do not know its full name but all the people need to be aware of its name.

Today we are going to tell you what is the full name of OBC and what is its meaning and which castes come in this category, I will know in detail about all these in today’s article.

OBC Full Form

  1. OBC – Other Backward Class
  2. OBC – Oriental Bank Of Commerce

Many people do not know what is the full form of OBC, so first of all we are going to tell you about its full form so that you can know about it.

obc ka full form – other backward class.

it is also called Other Backward Classes, apart from this OBC is also the name of a bank which means Oriental Bank of Commerce.

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Write the Full Form of SC, ST, and OBC.

  1. SC – Scheduled Castes
  2. OBC – Other Backward Classes
  3. ST – Scheduled Tribes

Questions & Answers

Question : The full form of OBC is _________________.

The full form of OBC
Answer : obc full form
obc full form
obc full form

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What is the full form of SC, ST and OBC?

  • The full form of SC in English is SCHEDULED CASTES and in short form it is called SC.
  • The full form of ST in English is SCHEDULED TRIBES and it is called ST in short form.
  • The full form of OBC in English is OTHER BACKWARD CLASSES and it is called OBC in short form.


  • The SC/ST category includes people and communities from the castes that are considered to be backward.
  • Most of the leather working castes and castes considered untouchables are included in this class.
  • People who come under the Scheduled Castes are given 15% reservation by the Constitution of India in government jobs, educational institutions and other government-directed undertakings.

ST / ST:

  • The people of the lowest order of the society have been included under the ST / Scheduled Tribes category,
  • it includes the tribals living in the forests, the castes considered untouchables, the communities facing social exclusion.
  • By the Constitution of India, 7.5% reservation is given to Scheduled Tribes in government jobs, all educational institutions and other government-directed programs.


  • OBC/Other Backward Classes were included after the recommendation of Mandal Commission formed in 1979.
  • Under this category, the communities and people who fall in the economically weaker and middle class are included.
  • Most of the farmers, laborers and poor castes have been included in this class.
  • 27% reservation is given by the Constitution of India for other backward classes in government jobs, all educational institutions and other government-directed programs.

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What is OBC? – (OBC) Other Backward Class Ki Jankari

OBC is a very popular term, it is also called other backword class, many castes come in it.

OBC has its roots in Article 16 (4l and 340) of the Constitution of India where it has been compiled in the name of Backward Classes.

Population of OBC is 42% while reservation has been given only to 27% of the people.

It was found to have 52% share in the country’s population and by 2006 this figure had come down to 41% in the National Sample Survey.

OBC has been described as a backward class in the social and educational field in the Constitution of India.

OBCs are given 27% reservation in education in public sector employment.

About OBC Caste

It was included on the recommendation of the Mandal Commission made in 1979, in this category the community coming in the economically weaker section was included,

which was arranged by the government to take special benefits, most of this class. Farmers, shepherds, laborers, and people from poor families come.

The benefit of reservation in OBC class jobs was given by the Mandal Commission in 1990 on the recommendations of VP Singh’s government.

The class of people who were economically, educationally and socially weak, all those people were included in OBC,these people were traditionally poor,farmers and illiterate people who were busy in farming and pastoralism etc.

However, the people of this class consider themselves above the SC and for this reason, there is a dispute between these two classes many times.

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Which caste comes in OBC?

This is a very big class, many different types of different castes come in it and according to the rules in all the states,

different castes have been added to this class, due to which hundreds of castes come in this class.

To know about all the castes coming in this category, by visiting the link we are telling you,

you have to go to its official website and choose the state whose obc caste you want to see and then in that state in obc.

You will see a list of all the upcoming castes.


On this you can see the list of castes coming in all obc, which caste comes in this class.

Benefits of OBC Category

Many types of benefits are provided by the government to the people coming in this category,

such as 27 percent reservation is given to the people of this class in government jobs, along with this, people of this class are given age relaxation in government jobs. There is also provision.

And those who belong to the OBC category and are studying in the school or college,

they are also provided the benefit of scholarship as per the rules so that the student can buy the necessary material related to his studies and there is no burden on the family regarding studies.

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Other OBC Full Form

What does OBC mean?

in Business » Banking -> Oriental Bank of Commerce.

also It is an Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) is a public sector bank in India.

Full Form Category Term
Other Backward Classes Indian Government Caste Reservation OBC
Oriental Bank of Commerce Public Sector Bank in India OBC
Outward Bills for Collection Banking OBC
On Board Camera Space Science OBC
Onboard Computer Space Science OBC
On Board Computer Space Science OBC
Obock Airport Code OBC
On Board Courier Military and Defence OBC
Optical Bar Camera (u-2 Sensor) Military and Defence OBC
Officer Basic Course Military and Defence OBC
Obey Before Complain Military and Defence OBC
Ordnance Basic Course Military and Defence OBC

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Apart from these, all possible benefits are given to these classes by the government, but in this also some castes are given special benefits,

while some are not recognized so much, due to which this often remains a controversial issue, most for the people of OBC class.

The big advantage is to get reservation in the job and this helps a lot of people of this class in getting government jobs.

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