bsc Full Form – What Is The Meaning Of bsc?

BSC Full Form : What is BSC and how to do this course?, BSc: Full Form, Course, Subjects, Top Colleges. It is a three year course in India and a five year course in Argentina.

bsc Full Form in English, bsc Full Form, bsc Full Form Friends, do you know what is the full form of bsc, and what is bsc,

if your answer is not there then you do not need to be sad because today through this article we will know what is bsc, and its What is Full Form?

BSC Full Form – What Is BSC?

Today, through this article, we are going to tell you about what is BSC Full Form and who is called BSC, many people are not aware about what it is and what are its names, then we will tell you Through this article, complete information will be told about it.

If you want to make your best future then BSC is a great option for you, after doing this course you can get good employment, today we are going to tell you all the information related to this in details before you do this course BSC Full form It is very important to have information about.

If you are a student or you want to do BSC, then you need to get more and more information related to it so that you do not have to face any kind of problem in future, we are telling you some important information about it. It is very important for you to have information.

BSC Full Form

Often most people do not know its name, what is its full name and what is it called in Hindi and English, so we first tell you about it.


This is a graduation level degree, it is known as the most popular course in India, it is a 3 year course, in this, if we talk about its semester, then it has 6 semesters.

What is BSc course all about?

Know the full-form, eligibility & scope

The Full form of BSc is Bachelor of Science.

B : Base
S : Station
C : Controller

If you want to do BSC then it is mandatory for you to pass 10+2 only after that you can take admission in BSC and it is mandatory to have at least 50% marks in 12th only after that you can do this course.

When your 12th result comes, then only after that the entrance examination of BSC starts in colleges etc.,

in which you will be able to do this course after applying, this course is easily obtained in all colleges.

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BSc: Full Form, Course, Subjects, Top Colleges

BSc Course Details

BSc Full Form Bachelor of Science
BSc Courses BSc IT, BSc Physics, BSc Computer Science, BSc Biology, BSc Forensic Science, BSc Nursing, BSc Geography, etc.
BSc Duration 3 years
BSc Eligibility Class 12th in Science stream with 50% marks
BSc Admission Through Merit Lists and Entrance Exams
BSc Fees INR 20,000-2,00,000
BSc Salary INR 3-5 LPA
BSc Colleges Presidency University, Delhi University, Christ University, Stella Maris College, Madras Christian College etc.
BSc Entrance Exams IISER, UPSEE, KCET, etc.
BSc Scope Masters Degree or Specialization specific jobs
BSc Jobs Statistician, Scientist Professor, Lab Chemist, Research Associate etc.

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There are many types of different courses in BSC also, in that we are telling you the names of some courses which you can do after 12th.

  1. BSc (Animation)
  2. BSc (Chemistry)
  3. BSc (Electronics)
  4. BSc (Food Technology)
  5. BSc (Genetics)
  6. BSc (Information Technology)
  7. BSc (Microbiology)
  8. BSc (Nursing)
  9. BSc(Maths)
  10. Bsc (Agriculture)
  11. Bsc (Multimedia)

All these are different courses of BSC, out of them you can do whatever course you want to do, you get all these courses in BSC.

What is BSC Subject?

Now we are telling about what are its subjects so that you can know what subjects you get in it.

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Biology
  3. Botany
  4. Chemistry
  5. Computer Science
  6. Electronics
  7. Environmental Science
  8. Mathematics
  9. Physics
  10. Zoology

You get all these subjects in BSC, out of which you can choose any subject as per your wish.

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What can you do with BSC?

Many people think that we do BSC, but after that can we do further studies or what courses can we do next, then we are telling you about some courses which you can do after BSC and You can make your best future.

  • B.ED
  • B.T.C
  • B.Tech
  • Govt. job
  • MBA
  • MCA
  • MSc
  • job

You can do all these courses after doing BSC, in which your employment opportunities are also very high, if you do this course then you get very good employment.

Science Subjects in Class XII BSc Courses
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM) BSc Physics BSc Nautical Science
BSc Mathematics BSc Instrumentation
BSc Chemistry BSc Polymer Science
BSc Computer Science BSc Geology
BSc Information Technology (IT) BSc Physical Science
BSc Electronics BSc Industrial Chemistry
Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) BSc Biology BSc Geology
BSc Microbiology BSc Biotechnology
BSc Agricultural and Dairy Science BSc Biological Science
BSc Nursing BSc Anthropology
BSc Physiotherapy BSc Biomedical Science
BSc Occupational Therapy BSc Physical Science
BSc Botany BSc Genetics
BSc Medical Lab Technology BSc Horticulture
BSc Optometry BSc Environmental Science
BSc Nutrition and Dietetics B F Sc (Bachelor in Fisheries Sciences)
BSc and AH – Veterinary Science BSc Food Technology
BSc Zoology BSc Home Science
BSc Immunology BSc Forensic Science
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology (PCMB) Candidates having PCMB subjects in Class XII are eligible to apply for admission in all BSc courses mentioned above.

Required Skillset for BSc

Skillset for BSc Candidates
Observation skills Problem-solving skills
Analytical skills Logical skills
Scientific skills Research skills
Experimental skills Mathematical and computational skills
Computer and relevant software knowledge Statistical skills
Communication skills Interpersonal skills

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Course Curriculum for BSc


BSc Physics Course Curriculum
Mathematical Physics Mechanics
Electricity and Magnetism Waves and Optics
Chemistry Technical Writing & Communication in English
Oscillations & Waves Digital Systems and Applications
Digital Electronics Microprocessors & Computer Programming
Thermal Physics Mathematics
Optics Mathematical Analysis & Statistics
Numerical Analysis Quantum Mechanics and Applications
Atomic and Molecular Physics Electronic Devices
Electromagnetic Theory Statistical Mechanics
Solid State Physics Nuclear & Particle Physics
Mechanics and Wave Motion Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics
Elements of Modern Physics Analog Systems and Applications


BSc Mathematics Course Curriculum
Calculus Algebra
Basic Statistics & Probability Real Analysis
Analytical Solid Geometry Differential Equations
Matrices Data Structures and Operating Systems
Sequences & Series of Real Numbers Mechanics
Abstract Algebra Linear Programming
Theory of Real Functions Ring Theory and Linear Algebra
Discrete Mathematics Complex Analysis
Linear Programming & Its Applications Numerical Analysis
Vector Analysis Probability Theory

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BSc Chemistry Course Curriculum

Inorganic Chemistry

BSc Chemistry Course Curriculum
Atomic Structure Periodic Properties
Chemical Bonding s-Block Elements
Chemistry of Noble Gasses p-Block Elements

Organic Chemistry

Structure and Bonding Mechanism of Organic Reactions
Alkanes and Cycloalkanes Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds
Alkenes, Cycloalkenes, Dienes and Alkynes Arenes and Aromaticity
Alkyl and Aryl Halides

Physical Chemistry

Mathematical Concepts Computers
Gaseous States Liquid State
Solid States Colloidal States
Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis

Is there really a full form of BSc too?

Yes, like the rest of the abbreviation, the short form or abbreviation of Bachelor of Science is BSc. It is often used more by science students.

Top BSC Colleges in India

list of top colleges in india based on 2021 ranking

Many people have questions that from which college we should do BSC or which is the best university for that, then we are telling you the names of some of the best universities from where you can do BSC.

  1. christ university, bangalore
  2. fergusson college, pune
  3. hans raj college – [hrc], new delhi
  4. loyola college, chennai
  5. madras christian college – [mcc], chennai
  6. ramjas college, new delhi
  7. st stephen’s college, new delhi
  8. st. xavier’s college, mumbai
  9. stella maris college, chennai
  10. the oxford college of science – [tocs], bangalore

These are all very famous and best considered BSC universities, if you want, you can also do BSC from here or there are many other universities from where you can do this course.

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Job Profiles:

  • Chemist
  • Consultant
  • Enumerator
  • Lecturer
  • Researcher
  • Scientist
  • Teachers

Top Companies Hiring BSc Graduates

Google Yahoo
IBM HCL Technologies
Verizon Amazon
Infosys Wipro
TCS Accenture
L&T Infotech Capgemini
Reliance Industries Limited Cipla
SRF Limited Gujarat Fluorochemicals
Gharda Chemicals Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

The best part of pursuing a degree in B.Sc.

B.Sc students are not limited to the field of jobs related to science only and they have free access to both higher education and employment opportunities to explore other fields like management, engineering, law etc.

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Through this article, we have tried to give you complete information about what is BSC full form and what is BSC, we hope that you will like this information,

if you want to ask any question about it, then you can tell us You can comment and if you like the information then share it.

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