primary memory – What is Primary Memory?(3 Types, 10 Examples and Features of primary memory)


What are Primary Memory? It is computer based memory. Which can be accessed directly by the computer or processor. Its main function is to store computer data. primary memory is also known as the main memory of the computer system.

It is a unit of the structure of computer. Which play an important role in the work of the computer. RAM and ROM are the main examples of primary memory.

This memory is an important part of the structure of the computer and the utilities to do its work. Today through this post we will know what is primary memory and its types.

Primary Memory – What is Primary Memory and its types?

Memory in computer system is divided into two parts – Primary Memory and Secondary Memory. Where secondary memory is included separately. Whereas the primary memory is already present in the computer.


It is the main memory of the computer which is used to store the data in the computer and use it when required. It resides in the computer in the form of RAM, ROM and Cache memory.

To use these memory in the computer, the help of CPU (Central Processing Unit) is taken and through that this memory stores the data inside itself.

The quality and quality of a computer depends on the primary memory of that computer. The more its primary memory, the faster the computer will provide output.

Types of Primary Memory

Primary memory is mainly divided into 3 parts. which are as follows –

1. RAM (Random Access Memory) – This is the part of the computer’s memory that accelerates its ability to provide output. Due to which the computer can do its work at a faster speed. The more RAM memory the computer has. That computer would be more expensive and useful.

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primary memory
primary memory

RAM is also called Volatile Memory, because the data remains in this type of memory only till then. As long as our system remains on. The greater its volume or storage capacity in the computer. The faster the computer will do its work.

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It is needed to run applications with more storage. Because the operation of those applications requires a desktop with more processing. Which is possible only through RAM.

RAM is mainly divided into two parts – SRAM and DRAM.

SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) – This is the memory of the computer. In whose operation transistors are used. Also Static Random Access Memory is the main memory of the computer system. Due to which its value is more than any other memory. Which serves to store data.

DRAM (Dynamic Ramdom Access Memory) – This is the cache memory of a computer. This memory of RAM is called dynamic because the computer needs to be refreshed frequently to keep it moving.

Capacitors are used to store information in DRAM. Its working capacity is less than that of SRAM. Due to which it is also less than DRAM in price.

2. ROM (Read Only Memory) – This type of memory is used for reading only. Where the data of RAM is closed when the computer is turned off. The data present in the same ROM remains in it even after the computer is turned off.

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All these are present in small amounts in the computer. It contains boot firmware and kilobyte code. Which tell the computer when and what to do. It is a type of non-volatile memory in which the data present is permanent.

This type of memory is also known as permanent memory. It is a readable memory. Due to which it is more affordable than RAM.

ROM is mainly divided into 4 parts which are as follows –

  1. EEPROM (Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory)
  2. EPROM (Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory)
  3. MROM (Masked Read Only Memory)
  4. PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory)

3. Cache Memory – This is the third and last part of the primary memory. This memory works inside the CPU. Due to which cache memory is also called CPU memory. It is much faster than hard disk-like memory.

In simple words, if we understand this, then when we search for something in our smartphone again and again. So our processor makes its cache memory and when we search it again, it gets written only after writing the first 3-4 words. What we were looking for.

With the help of cache memory, we get the output faster and faster. To get any information, the computer first uses the cache memory, only if it is not available there, the computer takes the data from the RAM.

Features of primary memory

  • It is the main memory of the computer and it is associated with the structure of the computer.
  • It performs its work at a faster rate than the secondary memory. Due to which it is also more expensive than them.
  • It is the working memory of the computer, that is, the computer does the work of giving output with the help of this.
  • It is an important part of the computer. It is difficult to do computer work without it.
  • It works to increase the quality of the processor of the computer.
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Conclusion – Primary Memory

What are Primary Memory? – This is the main memory of the computer. Computer completes all its work with the help of this. It plays an important role in the operation of the computer’s processor.


It works to increase the input-output capability of any computer and makes the computer faster. Today you have gone through this post that what is primary memory? (Primary Memory) We hope that you liked this post of ours. To express your love like this always, keep sharing our article with other people as well.

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