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Proven Strategies to Make Money with Cash App Today

What is Earn Cash App in this post? How to download? And how to earn money from it? What is Earn Cash App Referral Code? I am going to give information about so let’s know.

In today’s time, the trend of making money online has increased greatly. People are searching for ways to earn money online sitting at home. If you also want to earn money online sitting at home, then here I am going to tell you about such an app.

The name of this app is Earn Cash App. If you want to know what is Earn Cash App? And how you can earn money from it, then read this post completely.

What Is Earn Cash App?

Earn Cash App is an online earn money app where you can earn money by completing tasks and referring others. You have to download many apps to complete the task which earns you cash reward points.

To complete the task you have to download various apps, each download of the app earns reward points. The value of 10,000 reward points is equal to Rs.1.

10,000 Reward Points = 10 Rs

How to Download Earn Cash App?

  1. Click on the link Click Here after which you will be redirected to Google Play Store
  2. Click on Install Button to download Sikka App
  3. After some time the App will be installed on your phone

How to create an account in Earn Cash App?

  1. Download and open the app
  2. Click on Log In Now
  3. Enter your mobile number then click on Get OTP
  4. Enter your Name, Email Id and Referral Code 9DSQPK
  5. After following all these steps your account will be created

Earn Cash App Referral Code

You can get Exciting rewards by using Earn Cash App Referral code – 9DSQPK.

How to earn money from Earn Cash App?

There are 2 main methods to earn money from Sikka App.

  • First – by completing the offers
  • Second – By referring another

1. By completing tasks – Earn Cash App has many tasks on completion of which you can get reward points. Completing different tasks earns different reward points.

  • On playing the game – 10,000 points
  • On downloading the App – 10,000 points
  • 30 seconds of game play – 2,000 points

2. Earn Cash App Refer and Earn – You can earn money through the Earn Cash App Refer and Earn program. According to this program when you get someone to join Earn Cash App with your referral link then you get 20 rupees.

In this app, you get money according to the level, as your level increases, you will also get more referral money.

  • Level 1 – Promoter – Per Refer/20 Rs
  • Level 2 – Booster – Per Refer/50 Rs
  • Level 3 – Partner – Per Refer/100 Rs

How to withdraw money from Earn Cash App?

Earned money can be transferred to Paytm, UPI, SBI Bank, ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda, Yes Bank. There should be minimum 5 rupees for withdrawal

Earn Cash Minimum Withdrawal – 5 Rs

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