python indentation error – How To Avoid Indentation Error In Python?

python indentation error – The indentation error can occur when the spaces or tabs are not placed properly. Base class of IndentationError is SyntaxError.

python indentation error – How do i resolve the unexpected indent error in python?

Indentationerror error is always because of tab and white space mixed in your python code. We generally use 4 white spaces to present indentation in python.

Python Indentation Error

You are mixing tabs and spaces.

//Find the exact location with:

python -tt

How Does Python Indentation work?

def getData():
    if True:

IndentationError Examples

>>>     x = 50
  File "", line 1
    x = 50
IndentationError: unexpected indent

code example:

 name = "Dr. Rajdeep" 
      if len(name) > 0: 
          results = 'Yay! Dr is not available' 
          print results 

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