remove string from string python – How to remove specific substrings from a set of strings in Python?

remove string from string python – Using string replace() function and Using string translate() function Example.

remove string from string python

remove string from string python: There are main 5 Ways to Remove a Character from String in Python By using Naive method, By using replace() function, By using slice and concatenation, By using join() and list comprehension and By using translate() method.

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Python Remove Character from String using replace()


>>> x = 'Pakainfo.great'
>>> y = x.replace('.great','')
>>> y
>>> x
str = 'abc12321cba'

print(str.replace('a', ''))

Python Remove Character from String using translate()


str = 'abc12321cba'

print(str.translate({ord('a'): None}))

Removing Spaces from a String


str = ' 9 8 7 6 '
print(str.replace(' ', '')) # 9876
print(str.translate({ord(i): None for i in ' '})) # 9876

Python Remove newline from String


str = 'ab\ncd\nef'
print(str.replace('\n', ''))
print(str.translate({ord('\n'): None}))

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Remove substring from string


str = 'ab12abc34ba'
print(str.replace('ab', ''))

Remove specified number of times


str = 'abababab'
print(str.replace('a', 'A', 2))

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