Queen Daro Biography: Pakistani-German TikTok Star – Age, Husband, Net Worth

Queen Daro Biography : Today we will know about the biography of Queen Daro, that queen daro has named her real name, where is her house, her boy friend has been named, as she has done, the answer to these words will be found here today.

In this article. If you have any doubt related to Queen Daro Wiki, religion, Biography, marriage, Age, hair, Boyfriend, Husband, country, Height, wedding pics, Parents, Weight, real instagram id, Nationality, Net Worth & More.

queen daro age is 27 years – Birthday: May 15, 1996. and queen daroo nation/nationality is Pakistani-German. queen daro tiktok real name: https://www.tiktok.com/@queen_daro1Instagram: @makeupbydaroo

Queen Daro Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Parents, Instagram, Net Worth

Queen daro’s real name, religion, nationality, husband name, son name, daughter, family, marriage, queen daro age, without makeup, hijab, tiktok with complete Biography, wedding, friends, wikipedia, if you are a fan of this charm, then this content has been written for you only.

Who is this woman who looks whiter than milk and beautiful than flowers? Friends, this is none other than tiktok’s star queen daro, seeing that the heartbeat of crores of people stops for some time,

Friends, today we will present all the information of this charm in front of you, which you will also be shocked to hear, friends, to get complete information about queen daro, read this small information from beginning to end.

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Queen Daro Biography

Daro Queen is a Pakistani-German social media star who has earned popularity through the lip-syncing app, TikTok. She is currently residing in Germany.

Queen Daro
Queen Daro


First of all let me tell that when we did research about them on internet to write queen daro biography, then we did not get information about them anywhere, friends, whatever information we got, we did not show any truth there,

After a lot of research, whatever information has been received by the queen daro, the same information is being presented in front of you, friends, in this post you will get every information about these charms, just read carefully.


You know that queen daro was a famous tik tok star, if spoken directly, she was a tik tok queen. Tell that Queen Daro’s gross and appearance was so good that anyone who used to watch her videos knew without following her and became a tik tok star very soon.

queen daro husband instagram

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?????? ?? ????? ❤❤
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Now she also has a YouTube channel which you can search in the name of Queen Daro.

The queen daro biography

queen daro-2022
queen daro-2022

Daro Queen Profile:

Name Daro Queen
Profession(s) Instagram Star, Tiktok Star, Youtuber
Birthday May 15 1996
Age 27 years (As in 2023)
Gender Female
Birthplace Karachi, Pakistan
Hometown Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
Nationality Pakistani
Father NA
Mother NA

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Queen Daro house

For information, let me tell you that Queen Daro was born in Karachi and talking about the house, now she leaves Pakistan and lives in Germany with her family. It is known that your Queen Daro is a Muslim girl, that is why she always keeps clothes tied in her head.

Friends, the queen daro living in Pakistan has set up her house in German to keep her condition even better, friends, she comes home every year on Eid, because all her family members are still in Pakistan and put captive dupatta in German.

Queen Daro Real Name

Let me tell you that due to some social media issues, queen daro has kept her real name hidden, friends have just revealed their real name dareen in their YouTube videos, but we do not feel any truth in this too.

You know that queen daro real name is something else and there should be a reason behind giving this name. Queen Daro’s wish is that by giving her real name, many fake ids can be made in her name, that’s why the real name has to be hidden on every social media but her real name is Daren Khan.

Queen Daro Height, Weight

Height (Approx.) 5 feet 6 inches
Weight (Approx.) 55 kg
Queen Daro
Queen Daro

Queen Daro boy friend

Queen Daro is not a boy friend because she has a husband and she is a simple lady. For information, let me tell you that she also has a 4-year-old child whose name is Arab, some people were not shocked to hear about this.

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Queen Daro husband

Friends, seeing the faces of queen daro, many people think that her husband will be a big money man or handsome, but in reality there is nothing like this, all is done to show off to his loved ones,

If we search in google by writing queen daro husband name, then nothing will result because no one knows them, that’s why no one knows about them, if you want to know about them then join their youtube.

Queen Daro with hair

Friends, there is only one image in the whole internet where the hair of these queen daro is visible, otherwise she always wears a dupatta in her head, friends, this lover is a cultured girl, that’s why she hides her head and all this is a show,

Queen Daro with hair
Queen Daro with hair

You will not find any image of Queen Daro with hair anywhere, just a small image below you can see her hair. Appearance is there whether there is makeup or not.

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Queen Daro net worth

Queen Daro’s husband is a business man, so if we talk about his net worth, then there is an annual income of 2 crores in his house. She also belonged to a very high class family and still has all the Sono Saukat with her.

This information is also not true. Friends, how will you know the net worth of the one who hides his name.

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Queen Daro Wikipedia

Are you also searching about queen daro in wiki i.e. Wikipedia? Let me tell you that queen daro is famous but not so famous that her biography will come in a big site like wiki. Friends, this is not a star who will cover a site like Wikipedia, if the people who cover the wiki in Tiktok will be compliant.

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Queen Daro tiktok

We have the farm that tiktok videos of queen daro will not be available to be seen but queen daro always uploads her reel videos in instagram which will not be able to give fun like tiktok but if seen it is ok.

I hope that you must have got a good information about queen daro, so what do you think about this post? If you have any suggestion or are strong about Queen Daro Biography, then definitely comment, thank you.

queen daro tiktok real name

  • queen daro tiktok real name is Queen Daro
  • age as of 2023 – is 27 years
  • birthdate is Could 15, 1996
  • birthplace is Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
  • celebrates her birthday on; Could 15
  • daughter title is Irha
  • hometown is in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
  • husband title is Not Recognized
  • present residency is in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
  • queen daro country : Karachi, Pakistan
  • queen daro real instagram id is – https://www.instagram.com/queenndaroo/

queen daro instagram Bio:


Queen Daro?
Digital creator
Modest fashion & Beauty #outfitinspo ♡
?? ?????
Based in Germany
?Business Inquiry via Email

Additional information:

queen daro instagram id is queenndaroo.

Daro Queen
Daro Queen
  • As of 2023, Daro Queen’ age is 27 years.
  • Daro Queen’ birthday date is May 15 1996.
  • Daro Queen’ father name is NA.
  • Daro Queen’ higher is 170cm (5’6″)
  • Daro Queen’ hobbies are reading, photography, learning, internet surfing.
  • Daro Queen’ hometown is Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Daro Queen’ mother name is NA.
  • Does Daro Queen drinks alcohol? – Not known.
  • Does Daro Queen go to the gym? – Yes.
  • Does Daro Queen know cooking? – Yes.
  • Does Daro Queen smoke? – Not known.

queen daro religion

Did you know the religion of queen daro did? Friends, you can gas only from her Gurkha that she is a sure Muslim girl, and if you see her name and hijab, then she is a completely Muslim girl.

queen daro without makeup

Friends queen daro without makeup, although this charm is another name of beautiful, but many people, seeing their faces, say that the secret of queen daro’s face is only makeup, there is nothing like that, she is really beautiful, there is no doubt in it.

Queen Daro?
Digital creator
Modest fashion & Beauty #outfitinspo ♡
?? ?????
Based in Germany

queen daro son & queen daro daughter

Friends already had a child whose name we do not know, but the truth is that there has just been a child again, join the boring channel of queen daro who herself had told in her YouTube, everything will be known.

queen daro son name

  • queen daro son name is N/A
Nationality   Pakistani-German
Ethnicity   Not known
Religion   Muslim

Queen Daro Height, Weight

 Height   5 feet 4 inches
 Weight   57Kg

queen daro pic / wedding pics

queen daro images

Dubai, ??, ?????s, ??????, ?????????, ????, ????????, ???????, ??????, ??????, ???? ???? ❤️ and ??????

queen daro images
queen daro images

queen daro wedding pics

queen daro images
queen daro images

queen daro real hair

Queen Daro with hair
Queen Daro with hair
queen daro hair
queen daro hair

queen daro family – queen daro marriage

queen daro family
queen daro family


daro queen real name

  • daro queen real name is darin khan.

queen daro is from which country

  • Pakistani-German Instagram Star and Model

queen daro nationality

  • Karachi, Pakistan

queen daro instagram real name

  • queen daro instagram real name is queenndaroo.

who is queen daro?

  • queen daroo(daroolina) is an Tik Toker and Pakistani-German social media star.

what is the name of queen daro’s son?

  • Ans. Arab is the name of queen daro’s son.

What is the net worth of the Queen?

  • Ans. The Net Worth of the Queen is 2 Crore.

What is the profession of Queen Daro?

  • Ans. Queen Daro is a Tik Toker.

Who is Queen Daro’s Husband?

  • Ans. queen daro husband’s name is not known.


In conclusion, Queen Daro is a Pakistani-German social media sensation known for her presence on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Despite her widespread popularity, many aspects of her personal life remain private or subject to speculation. Queen Daro maintains a modest and humble persona, often showcasing her talents in fashion and beauty. While details about her family, net worth, and personal relationships may be elusive, her impact on social media continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Queen Daro was the queen of the planet Dero. She was a powerful and respected leader, and her subjects loved her deeply. Daro was a peaceful planet, and Queen Daro was a beloved ruler. She was known for her fairness and her strong sense of justice, and she was always willing to help her people.

Queen Daro was a great leader, and she helped her planet become a powerful and prosperous society. She was a respected figure on Dero, and her subjects loved her deeply.

Queen Daro was a deeply loving and caring woman, and she will be deeply missed.

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