SQL SELECT SUM on multiple INNER JOIN with another table

Today, We want to share with you SQL SELECT SUM on multiple INNER JOIN with another table.In this post we will show you SQL INNER JOIN – Joining Two or More Tables, hear for SUM over distinct rows with multiple joins we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Using two Sum() functions in a multiple join query with an example.

SQL SELECT SUM on multiple INNER JOIN with another table

There are the Following The simple About SQL Inner Join Multiple Tables with SUM Tutorial Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop sql sum two columns from two tables, so the sql sum multiple rows with different id is used for this example is following below.

SQL – SELECT SUM joined with another table

There are 2 MySQL Database tables

products(id, product_title, product_desc)
transaction(id, qty, product_id)

Now We want to SUM all the quantity based on products, typically what I did is

SELECT product_id, SUM(qty) as total
FROM transaction
GROUP BY product_id

But here i am a stuck, We want the product_title and product_desc as well. How to Fetch this in one MySQL query?

Best Solution for Join Query

SELECT id, product_title, product_desc, total
FROM products u
  SELECT product_id, SUM(qty) as total
  FROM transaction
  GROUP BY product_id
) AS t ON u.id = t.product_id

Select sum and inner join

select b.id, b.price, b.paid, sum(t.price) as transactionprice
from bills b
left join transactions t on t.reference = b.reference
group by b.id, b.price, b.paid
having b.paid < b.price

SQL SUM on multiple INNER JOIN

When using SQL to perform a SUM operation on multiple tables that are connected via INNER JOIN, you can use the following syntax:

SELECT SUM(table1.column1 * table2.column2)
FROM table1
INNER JOIN table2 ON table1.column3 = table2.column4
INNER JOIN table3 ON table2.column5 = table3.column6
WHERE table1.column7 = 'value';

In this example, we are calculating the sum of table1.column1 * table2.column2 where table1 and table2 are joined via INNER JOIN on the columns table1.column3 and table2.column4, respectively. We then join table2 with table3 on the columns table2.column5 and table3.column6.

The WHERE clause is used to filter the results based on a specific value for table1.column7.

You can replace the column names and table names with your own values as needed. Keep in mind that the columns used in the SELECT clause must be either aggregated (e.g. using SUM, AVG, COUNT, etc.) or included in the GROUP BY clause.

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