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uppsc full form : Do you know the uppsc full form? Perhaps you already know about it, but there will be many people who do not know about it. Today in this post i am going to give you all kinds of detail related to uppsc, if you need any detail related to uppsc, then read our post completely for that.

In this post, i am going to give detail on uppsc full form, uppsc kya hai and many more topics related to UPPSC.

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uppsc full form : Full Form of UPPSC

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission.

The full form of UPPSC is “Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission”, which is called “Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission” for uppsc full form.

uppsc full form

  • U – UTTAR
  • P – PUBLIC

UPSC Exam Posts Full Form – uppsc full form

Post Full Form
IAS Indian Administrative Service
IPS  Indian Police Service
IFS  Indian Foreign Service
IRS Indian Revenue Service

What is UPPSC?

UPPSC conducts various types of civil services examinations for entry level appointments into various types of civil services in Uttar Pradesh. It is an agency of the state, its charter is provided by the Constitution of India.

Articles 315 to 323 of Part XIV of the Indian Constitution provide for services under the Union and the States, a Public Service Commission for the Union and one for each State.

Establishment of UPPSC :-

  • UPPSC came into existence on 1st April 1937.
  • The main objective of its establishment was to recruit candidates for various types of services in the state.
  • The main commission is regulated by the UPPSC Regulation, 1976.

Work of UPPSC :-

The main objective of UPSC is to regulate various types of civil services examinations across the state. This commission is solely responsible for the recruitment process of candidates for various types of services.

Many candidates apply for those services through the application form issued by the commission, after that the commission issues their admit card, after which the candidates give their examination and after some time the commission declares their result. On the basis of the same result, the commission conducts the recruitment process.

It recruits for various types of vacancies that come under the UPPSC.

  1. Recruitment is done on the basis of Preliminary Exam, Main Exam and Interview.
  2. The recruitment is done on the basis of examination and interview.
  3. The recruitment is done on the basis of examination only.
  4. The recruitment is done on the basis of interview only.
  5. It conducts recruitment on the basis of screening test and interview.

Constitutional Rights and Powers of UPPSC

Constitutional powers have been vested in the Public Service Commission through various Articles.

  • Article 318. Regulation as to the conditions of service of the members and employees of the Commission
  • Article 319. Prohibition (prohibition) of members of the Commission from holding office when he ceases to be a member.
  • Article 320. Functions of the Public Service Commission
  • Article 321. Power to extend the functions of Public Service Commissions
  • Article 322. Expenditure of Public Service Commissions
  • Article 323. Reports of Public Service Commissions

How to prepare for UPPSC :-

If you want to prepare for UPPSC properly then you should follow the rules given by me.

If you will prepare for UPPSC by following the rules given by us, then you are going to benefit a lot. Let us know how to prepare for UPSC-

  1. First of all, prepare your basic concept because if your basic concept is ready then you will also feel good and easy to study further.
  2. You should always be updated and get detail about new things like what is happening in your rule, what is happening in your country and what is going on abroad.
  3. If you use the Internet, then use it properly and get detail about it by searching for new things on the Internet.
  4. You read the newspaper daily because daily new news keeps coming in the newspaper, this will prepare your current affairs.
  5. You take coaching somewhere and ask what you do not understand in your coaching.
  6. Make a time table of your own to study, it will be very easy for you to read.
  7. Taking 15 minutes rest in between while reading will make your mind fresh and will not get boring in reading.
  8. While studying, do not send any message to a friend, otherwise you will have trouble studying when he gets his reply.
  9. Silent your phone while studying or if possible, keep the phone away from yourself.
  10. While studying, do not pay attention to things here and there, it disturbs your concentration and you are not able to read even if you want to.
  11. After studying for a while, when it starts getting boring, then you listen to music or go for a walk outside for a while, it will refresh your mind, when your mind is fresh then come again and study.

These were some of my tips for uppsc full form, by following which if you study then surely you will be able to prepare well.

FAQ :- uppsc full form

What is the full form of UPPCS?

uppsc full form : The full form of UPPSC is “Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission”.

What is the meaning of UPSC?

The full form of UPPSC is “Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission”, the Hindi meaning of its English full form is “Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission”.

What is the qualification required for UPSC?

You must have passed graduation certificate from any recognized institute and in any discipline.

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