ras full form – What is RAS?, What is the full form of RAS?, Eligibility for RAS? & What is the exam pattern of RAS?

RAS full form : What is RAS? How is RAS formed? What is the exam pattern of RAS? What is the salary of RAS? How big is the post of RAS?

Friends, whenever there is talk of a high position job, then the name of Ras is definitely in front. Whenever someone talks about having a respectable job and serving the country, he definitely thinks of becoming a ras. Friends ras full form, the question must have come in the mind that after all what is this ras? & ras full form. What kind of paper does it come in?

You must be thinking many questions related to ras in your mind. Today I have brought every information related to ras in English only.

So friends, let’s start with complete information.

ras full form & What is RAS?

Friends ras is a board for the government of Rajasthan which selects the administrative officers for this state. There is a selection body under every state, in the same way ras also selects all the officer class posts for Rajasthan.

RAS is a very honorable post in Rajasthan, on which in a way it is the responsibility of running the entire state. This post comes in a civilian category, which is considered to be the highest in the state of Rajasthan. RAS exam is conducted by RPSC (Rajasthan Public Service Commission).

Friends, after ias, only the people of ras have the most power. The biggest post at the state level is also considered as ras. Friends, once a year, this post is selected in which many students give its examination and the students who pass this examination are given a position in the administration at the state level.

RAS Full Form – What is the full form of RAS?

RAS Full Form

Friends, along with being a supreme post in the state administration, the ras also has a different status. Friends, it also has a similar name. ras full form OR Full form of ras like :


Friends, the full name of RAS is “Rajasthan Administrative Service”.

Other RAS Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Reliability, Availability and Serviceability Information Technology RAS
Remote Access Service Information Technology RAS
Registration, Administration, and Status Computer and Networking RAS
Remote Access Server Computer and Networking RAS
Remote Access Services Telecommunication RAS
Resource Allocation and Scheduling Networking RAS
Remote Access System Networking RAS
Sun Raster Image Bitmap Graphics File Type RAS
River Analysis Software Softwares RAS
Remedy Archive System Softwares RAS
RAS Indian Railway Station RAS
Replicate and Simulate Chemistry RAS
Remote Analysis System Electronics RAS
Sun Raster Image Format Electronics RAS
Requirements Allocation Sheet Space Science RAS
Rasht Airport Code RAS
Row Access Strobe Computer Hardware RAS
Row Address Select Computer Hardware RAS
Right Angle Sports Sports RAS
Recovery Activation Signal Military and Defence RAS
Refueling At Sea Military and Defence RAS
Rear Area Security Military and Defence RAS
Record Association System Military and Defence RAS
Relative Army Strength Military and Defence RAS
Replenishment At Sea Military and Defence RAS

Qualifying for RAS?

Friends, in order to become a ras in the same way, you will also have to be eligible for it. ras is a training post for which the qualification is:


12th pass from any stream.
Graduation from any course bsc, bcom, ba, btech, bba, bca) etc. any degree with passing marks.

AGE LIMIT – Your age should be at least 21 years to 35 years. Only then you are eligible to give this ariksha.

Friends, but in some special situations, some age relaxation is also given to the students like:

  • 1. SC / ST ( MALE ) – 5 years
  • 2. SC / ST ( FEMALE ) – 10 years
  • 3. GENERAL WOMEN – 5 years
  • 4. WIDOW & DIVORCED WOMEN – no limit

Friends, these are some of the criteria by crossing which you can sit in the exam of ras. Friends, whether you are male or female, you can take the ras exam anytime according to your age.

Like RAS Post Name List.

  • Rajasthan Abkari Service
  • Rajasthan Accountant Servuce
  • Rajasthan Child and Women Development
  • Rajasthan Child and Women Development
  • Rajasthan Commercial Service
  • Rajasthan Commercial Service
  • Rajasthan Cooperative Service
  • Rajasthan Devsthan Service
  • Rajasthan food and Citizen Rasad Service
  • Rajasthan Industrial Service
  • Rajasthan Industrial Subordinate Service
  • Rajasthan Labor Welfare
  • Rajasthan Minority Welfare
  • Rajasthan Minority Welfare
  • Rajasthan Planning Service
  • Rajasthan Planning Service
  • Rajasthan Police Service
  • Rajasthan Prison Service
  • Rajasthan Social Justice
  • Rajasthan State Insurance Service
  • Rajasthan Village Development
  • Rajasthan Women Development
  • Rajsthan Cooperative Service
  • Rajsthan Tehsildar Service

RAS exam pattern?

Friends, if you have decided now that you have to become a ras, then you also need to know what is the examination process of ras. How are you going to give the exam? Friends, the exam of ras is done in 3 stages, only after passing which you can become ras.

PRELIMINARY EXAM – Friends, we also call preliminary exam as preliminary exam. Friends, this is such an exam that every student has to give. In this exam, some general knowledge and reasoning questions are asked from the candidate.

Friends, in this you will be asked some basic and some high level questions, which you will have to answer according to the time. This exam is objective type, in which you will be given 4 options, out of which you will have to choose a correct option.

Only after clearing this exam can you go to the next stage.

MAINS EXAM – Friends, we also call it the main exam. Any candidate who clears the first stage can sit in this exam. The pattern of this exam is in written form. You have to answer every question by writing it yourself.

In this exam you are asked questions according to your graduation. The question is related to the candidate’s graduation subject only. After crossing this, you can go to the third stage.

INTERVIEW – Friends, only after doing both the steps, you are called for the interview. Your selection is done according to the interview marks. Only after clearing the interview you are nominated for selection.

In RAS, the final selection of the candidate is made on the basis of the marks obtained in prelims, mains and interview. Only after the name appears in the final merit, the candidate is sent for training.

Syllabus for RAS

If you want to prepare for the RAS post to be taken by RPSC, then it is very important for you to study on the following topics.

  1. basic numerical proficiency
  2. Constitutional Development and Indian Constitution
  3. current events
  4. Economic Development and Planning
  5. Economy of Rajasthan
  6. fundamentals of economics
  7. Geography of Rajasthan
  8. History of India Ancient and Medieval Periods
  9. History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition and Heritage of Rajasthan
  10. Human Resources and Economic Development
  11. Indian Constitution, Political System and Governance
  12. Indian Political System and Governance
  13. Major Industrial Regions Geography of India
  14. Mental ability
  15. Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan
  16. Public Policy and Rights
  17. reasoning ability
  18. science and technology
  19. World and Geography of India
  20. ras full form

FAQ – RAS full form

What is RAS and IAS?

RPSC RAS ​​is the highest administrative recruitment exam of Rajasthan state, whereas IAS officer is the highest administrative recruitment exam of our country. Hence, we can see that both the exams are different from each other.

Is RAS exam tough?

The exam is not difficult, it is under the preparation that it looks tough. The RAS exam is conducted to select the future administrative officers who will be running in the state.

What is the salary of RAS officer?

Salary of Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS): RAS officer is an administrative post, in which you get very good salary as well as other facilities. In this job you get salary from ₹ 16000 to ₹ 40000 every month and ₹ 5400 every month as grade pay based on 7th pay commission.

How many attempts are there in RAS job?

Fortunately there is no limit on the number of attempts, just an age limit, again its good news that the government gives 5+ years relaxation in the age limit, so the new age limit for general category and OBC category is 40. Age limit not exceeding 45 years in case of handicapped and SC and ST category.

Conclusion : ras full form

in ras full form, Friends in ras full form, ras is a very later post. On which there are many responsibilities and many tasks have to be done. ras is the selection committee of the administrative officers of the state of Rajasthan, which selects the candidate only after doing the level of his examination.

RAS i.e. Rajasthan administrative service is the post of an administrative officer, which is also considered to be the highest post at the state level. Its examination is conducted in 3 stages, only after crossing which the final merit list is released.

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