KVIC Full Form – What Is The Meaning Of KVIC?

KVIC Full Form – KVIC – Loan Schems, Full Form, Objective, Functions, KVIC Full Form is Khadi and Village Industries Commission

Do you know about KVIC? If you do not know this scheme being run by the Government of India, then in this post you will know it and you will also know KVIC FULL FORM in this post.

Almost every one of you must have heard about it in the news or in the newspaper. Or you must have heard about it even if you belong to the village.

The government has done the work of taking the things of India to the people outside by starting this program.

KVIC Full Form

Full Form Of KVIC In English “Khadi and Village Industries Commission” and it means “Khadi Development and Village Industries Commission”.

KVIC :- Khadi and Village Industries Commission

From this commission, the government has made Khadi famous in the country as well as in the countries outside.

  • Full Form of KVIC : Khadi and Village Industries Corporation
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KVIC Kya Hai & KVIC Full Form?

It was established in 1956 and its headquarter is located in Mumbai. This commission comes under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

This commission was formed to take Khadi goods to the country and the world.

You should know that the Government of India has constituted this commission to give a different and modern platform to the small artisans of the country.

So that the goods made by them can be sold easily and they get the right and proper amount for it. So that the problem of unemployment in India can be overcome.

Till some time ago, many artisans had stopped doing all this work, but due to works like Khadi Development and Village Industries Commission, more new artisans and old people are returning to it.

Due to this the heritage of the country has also been saved and the work of carrying forward the dream of Mahatma Gandhi is also being done.

What is the full form of KVIC ?

KVIC Full Form – Khadi and Village Industries Commission

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KVIC Full Form | KVIC Official Website Link

KVIC – Khadi & Village Industries Commission

Important Facts about KVIC for UPSC Prelims

Important Facts about KVIC for UPSC Prelims

Full-Form of KVIC Khadi Village and Industries Commission
Year of Establishment 1957
Type of Commission A Statutory Body
Concerned Ministry Ministry of MSMEs
Subsumed the work of All India Khadi and Village Industries Board
Official Website http://www.kvic.gov.in/

Objectives of KVIC

  1. Promotion of Khadi in rural areas
  2. building a rural community
  3. create self-reliance among the poor
  4. to create a salable product
  5. to provide employment

What happens in KVIC?

If you like Khadi goods or you want to buy any Khadi goods for the first time, then you can buy this item from the website given by the government.

  • Whatever goods you will get on this online platform will be completely made in the country i.e. “MADE IN INDIA”.
  • You can buy many types of goods on the KVIC platform, in which you can buy clothes, soles, shoes, everyday items and many other similar things by visiting this website.
  • It is exactly the same as Amazon and Flipkart. I have given the link of its website below.

So if you want to take any Khadi goods online, then you can take it from here. That too at a fair and reasonable price.

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Headquarters of KVIC

  1. Bengaluru
  2. Bhopal
  3. Guwahati
  4. Kolkata
  5. Mumbai
  6. New Delhi

KVIC – Frequently Asked Questions

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  2. Expand full name of KVIC.
  3. What does KVIC stand for?

What Is the Full Form of KVIC?
Khadi and Village Industries Corporation

KVIC Ka Full Form Kya Hota Hai?
Khadi and Village Industries Corporation

KVIC Ka Full Form Hindi में! ?
Khadi and Village Industries Corporation

So in this post you got to know what is KVIC, how it works and KVIC Full Form you also learned in this post.

If you have any query related to this then you can ask by commenting below.

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