vdo full form – What is the full form of VDO?

VDO full form – “Village Development Officer”. : Often you must have heard about VDO, after all who is this VDO, what is the full form of VDO, what is the meaning of VDO, what are the functions of VDO and what are their responsibilities if you are VDO If you want to become, then he has the ability, in today’s post we will get general information about the video.

VDO full form

VDO full form is: “Village Development Officer”.

It is a non-gazetted government employee who is the secretary of the village head, it is also called Panchayat Sevak. At present, the name of Panchayat Sevak has been changed to Village Development Officer i.e., it is called Village Development Officer and Village Development Officer. also VDO Known as Panchayat Officer.

  • V- Village
  • D- Development
  • O- Officer

What is the full form of VDO?

vdo full form
vdo full form
  • VDO – Video Display Operator
  • VDO Stands For : Video image ( Story Board)
  • Full Form of VDO is Visible D*** Outline
  • Vehicle Display Output
  • Vulnerability Description Ontology
  • Victorian Default Offer

What are the responsibilities of a VDO?

The main task of VDO is to develop rural areas, VDO has many functions which are as follows:-

  1. To make provision of water in rural areas.
  2. Assistance for agriculture, commerce and industry work.
  3. Maintenance and registration of birth-death and marriage and other documents.
  4. To work for child welfare and motherhood.
  5. To prepare the annual budget of the Panchayat Samiti and submit this plan to the Zilla Parishad.
  6. To reach all the schemes and schemes made by the Government of India to all the people of the rural area.
  7. Including the maintenance and arrangement of cleanliness of the village.

How to become a village development officer?

If you want to become a VDO, then it is mandatory for you to have passed at least XII and it is necessary to have a certificate of CCC computer course, the age limit for VDO has been kept from 18 years to 40 years, although SC / BC and OBC candidates are given some age relaxation.

If VDO is eligible for the post, then for this post the candidate has to appear in the examination conducted by UPSC. includes checking etc.

conclusion – vdo full form

  1. VDO : Value-Driven Organization
  2. VDO : Varus Derotation Osteotomy
  3. VDO : Vereinigte DEUTA-Ota (Villingen, Germany; gauge manufacturer founded 1929)
  4. VDO : Very Distant Object(s)
  5. VDO : Video Data Organization
  6. VDO : Virtual Data Object (programming data model)
  7. VDO : Voltage Drop-Out

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