youtube downloader – 2 Best Apps from which you can download YouTube Videos

youtube downloader – Do you also want to download your favorite YouTube videos?

If yes – youtube video downloader. 2 BEST Free YouTube Video Downloader Apps [2022 SELECTIVE]

Then you have come to absolutely right place. People are searching for this YouTube video download kaise karen. In this post, you will be told about the best app to download YouTube videos and music.

youtube downloader – download youtube videos

Today I will tell you about 2 such apps. With the help of which you can download any video of YouTube in a pinch.

video downloader for pc
video downloader for pc

Why don’t you go to the gallery when you download YouTube videos? Youtube video download kaise kare gallery me? You will definitely get the answer to this question too.

Almost everyone wants to download videos from YouTube. In today’s time, YouTube has become a huge source of entertainment and knowledge.

Every person keeps watching something on YouTube every day. Be it movies, funny videos, songs, or favorite videos related to different information.

best video downloader
best video downloader

We like some of these videos so much that we want to download and keep that YouTube video in the Phone Gallery. And watch it over and over again. So that our internet data can also be saved from ending. Or send it to someone.

So let’s now get information about youtube download app.

2 such apps from which anyone can download YouTube videos.

There are two best apps to download any YouTube videos. With the help of which you can easily download any YouTube videos.

Which is the app to download Youtube videos?

These are both the best apps to download Youtube videos. Which works very well.

  1. VidMate
  2. Snaptube

With the help of both these apps, you can download YouTube Shorts Video or normal YouTube videos.

To download both these apps, you can also download VidMate and SnapTube from these official websites.

As well as you can use the following the briefly method:-

  • GetApps in Mi (Xiaomi) phone and
  • Galaxy App in Samsung Phone

V-app store in Vivo phone

Phone Alternative
Mi(Xiaomi) GetApps
Samsung Galaxy App
Vivo Phone V-app Store

play store Alternative App

There will be an app named, which works exactly like the Play Store. All other Android phones also have an app like Play Store.

In which most of the apps will be found which are available on the Play Store. Although it has more apps than the Play Store.

You can download VidMate and Snaptube from here. That too without any hindrance.

If still you are finding it difficult to download this app then definitely ask in comment. You will be given full help.

How to download YouTube video?

The way to download YouTube videos from both VidMate and Snaptube apps is exactly the same. I will show you how to download YouTube videos from Snaptube. Because I personally like Snaptube better than VidMate.

1. How to download YouTube video from Snaptube?

Let me tell you by downloading a movie (Bahubali). This is being told only for Educational Purpose. Also Never use it in a illegal way.

I watched Bahubali movie on YouTube and I liked it so much that I want to download it to my phone gallery to watch again and again.

I like to download and watch any movie as the internet facility is not good in the area.

bellow steps to free download YouTube video downloader from Snaptube:-

  • Step 1. First of all download the Snaptube app on your phone.
  • Step 2. Search your favorite movie or other video on YouTube. which you want to download.
  • Step 3. Click on the share button to download the movie or video.
  • Step 4. When you click on share button you will see something like this. Which is shown in the photo below. In this, you should click on the option of Download with Snaptube or Snaptube.
  • Step 5. When you click on Snaptube option. Then you will see something like the one shown in the photo below. If you want to download the song, then you can download the song by clicking on the MP3 option.
  • Step 6. If you want to download videos and movies, then select the video quality according to your mind.
  • Step 7. In this latest method you can simply free 100% working download any YouTube video. That too without any hindrance. You can simply watch this video in your phone whenever you want without any internet data.

Which is the best app VidMate or Snaptube?

This question must have come in the mind of some people whether vidmate is good or snaptube. I use both these apps. Of these two apps, I personally find Snaptube to be the best. Because it moves a little faster. You can also watch YouTube videos in Snaptube and download them to your phone gallery.

The Snaptube app works just like YouTube. You can use Snaptube instead of YouTube for entertainment. So that you can download the video immediately when you need it.

Why doesn’t YouTube allow videos to be downloaded to the gallery?

This question must have come in your mind at some point of time that why YouTube does not allow its videos to be downloaded in the phone gallery? There is a simple answer to this because YouTube respects its creators a lot.

YouTube does not want any of the videos from its creators to be used by any other person. Also you can Youtube gives the some option to free download videos.

But after downloading a video with this option, that video is stored in YouTube’s gallery instead of in your phone gallery. Due to which this video gets deleted after a few days.

After this you have to download the same video again if needed. By the way, you will find many methods to download YouTube videos on the Internet. Some of those methods would work and some of them would cause a lot of problems.

But I have told you about two best apps. With which you can easily download any video from YouTube.

what did you teach – youtube downloader

y2mate – You learned about two such apps from which you can download your favorite YouTube videos and you have also learned where to download both these apps.

If any question arises in your mind, then you must ask in the comment, you will always be welcome.

An application that allows you to download any song ideo video. But I request you not to use it in a wrong way.

Note :

Downloading any YouTube video and sharing it anywhere on the Internet for commercial purposes is against YouTube terms of service. If you want to promote any wrong or illegal activities by downloading the video, then you do not download any video present on YouTube.

All the audio, video and other miscellaneous information available on the Internet is made with great effort. Always respect that hard work.

If you have any question related to this post then do ask in comment. Will be waiting for your questions.

Thank you !

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