Webinar – What is the meaning of webinar? What is webinar, difference between seminar and webinar?

Webinar meaning – In today’s era people all over the world are connected to each other and education is very easy, if you want to know something about the world then you can know it through online internet. And internet has contributed a lot in making these subjects easy for the students, now any information in the world is easily available through internet.

People make their big business through internet. When these people earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home on internet, just by using laptop, phone and internet.

What is a Webinar and How Does it Work? & What’s the difference between a webinar and seminar?

  • The term webinar is widely used everywhere on the Internet and web-inars are performed on many different types of websites. Although many people still do not understand what is web-inar or what is meant by web-inar.
  • We see posts on social media by a company or person doing a web-inar on a topic. In addition, many companies are now organizing their own web-inars.
  • Webinars are very useful in business and marketing. Web-inar is a new term for many people who do not know much about it.
  • So let’s know what is the meaning of webinar, why web-inar is done and what are the benefits of web-inar software.

What is webinar?

  • Simply put, a Webinar is a seminar done through the Internet.
  • A web-inar is an online seminar that uses video conferencing software to convert a presentation into a conversation in real time from anywhere in the world.
  • Web-inars allow large groups of attendees to participate in online discussions or training programs and share audio, documents or slides.
  • Using Web-inar Software, attendees can share audio, documents and applications with Web-inar attendees even when they are not with each other.
  • Many web-inar services today offer the option of live streaming or recording your web-inar and then posting it to YouTube and other video services.

What is the meaning of webinar?

  • A web-inar is an online meeting, presentation or seminar that takes place over the Internet.
  • The word webinar is made up of two words web and seminar.
  • A web-inar is a type of program that is broadcast over the Internet and viewed by people on their smartphones, computers or other devices. Organization of an educational, business or any other purpose web-inar.
  • It is a way of connecting the organizer and the audience sitting anywhere in the world with each other.
  • Its biggest advantage is that you don’t need a location to host a web-inar, and your audience can connect from anywhere.
  • Meaning any person from anywhere in the whole world can connect to your web-inar, just for this he will need an internet connection.

What is the difference between Seminar and Webinar?

  • There is a most Imp and useful difference between a seminar and a webinar.
  • Seminar is usually conducted offline, which is an event that is held at a particular place, in which the organizer or guest and the audience or audience are present at the same place and the whole program is face to face.
  • In this, people present at the seminar venue can hear or see it. Although the web-inar is conducted online, it is not limited to any location as it is broadcast over the Internet.
  • In this, anyone can join the host through the Internet, computer and software. It also broadcasts it from place to place and the audience or listeners can join from anywhere.

Benefits of webinar

Friends, in today’s time, webinars are being used in every field, from education to business and corporate training, web-inars are being used successfully in all industries.

1) Use of Webinars in Marketing

Webinars are used very well in marketing. This is beneficial for both the company and the customer. Through web-inar, you can meet from anywhere and talk about your product.

2) Interaction between teacher and students

  • Online webinars facilitate better communication or interaction between students and professors as it brings all students on an equal footing.
  • It clears doubts in the minds of fearful students because those students who do not raise their hands to ask questions in a class full of students. Because they are scared or shy, however, no one will judge you in online web-inar because you are connected to different places only through computer screen.
  • It allows the students to ask their questions without any fear. You can ask your questions orally or in writing during the online workshop or you can ask your questions by e-mail after the workshop is over.

3) Study through Webinar

  • To study in regular classes in university you need to spend a lot of money. Whereas, by following the lectures through webinar, you can avoid hostel facilities, infrastructure expenses and many of these expenses.
  • Any student can also download the study material provided by any college or university providing web-inar facility.
  • You may have to pay an admission fee for some web-inars, but this fee is modest or much less than what you would spend at a regular university.
  • Most web-inars are free. Web-inars can make education quite convenient and effective for students who cannot afford college, because apart from the basic cost of studying at their university, there are many other expenses involved.

How to start webinar?

so let’s talk

You will get a lot of software to start a web-inar, but some web-inar platforms are free and some are paid which means you have to pay some money to use them. If you want to start your own webi-nar for free, then let’s learn about the best free web-inar software.

Webinar from Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts Best Free Webinar Software comes first Google Hangouts, it’s free software, you can use it very easily, you can add 25 person web-inar. It’s completely free, if you want, you can add as many people as you want and you can share what you want to share with the public.

Webinar from YouTube Live

We want to keep YouTube number two, through YouTube you can start a Web-inar from YouTube Live, there is no limit to people here, a page on YouTube is a special member. From there your page but you can connect with people who are interested in your content so you can collect monthly fee from those members and you can give them your information.

Webinar from Facebook live

Facebook Live Facebook Live You can reach many people through Facebook, it is also a free webinar software. How much is Facebook growing today? Then you can start your web-inar business through Facebook.

What we learned about the Webinar,

Friends, in this post we have learned what is the meaning of Web-inar? What is Webinar, How Web-inar Works All the information we got related to Web-inar.

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