What Is Windy App? Learn How To Download And Live wind map & weather forecast

Friends, do you know about Windy App, if you do not know much about this Apps, then this article is going to be best for you. Because through today’s article we are going to tell information related to Windy App, so let’s know.

I think this question must be running in your mind again and again and you must be searching on the internet for information related to this Windy App, and it is not being explained anywhere with important information. That’s why today through our post we are going to share all the information about Windy App, so let’s know further, what is Windy App?

Windy App

What is Windy app?

Windy app is used to forecast wind, waves and storms. That is, through windy app, we can get information about the weather.

Through the Windy app, we can see live where the storm is and where it is going to come.
Whether you’re tracking a tropical storm or possible severe weather, planning a trip, or just need to know if it’s going to rain this week, windy provides you with the top-notch weather forecasts.

Through the Windy app, you can find out live meteorology, such as where the storm can come today and which state is going to come. In this application you can know whether it is tropical storm, rain or severe weather and in this you can also find out whether it will rain today or about it as a whole windy app provides.

We can also get information about storms through windy.com website.

How to download Windy app?

If you also want to download Windy App, then to download Windy App, today I will tell you people to download this application through step by step tips, in which you can easily download this application, then come Please follow the tips given below:-

  1. First open Google Play Store
  2. Search by typing Windy App in the search type of Google Play Store
  3. After searching, click on Windy App appearing at the top
  4. After clicking on the application, the option of install will appear, click on it and download the application

Install Windy app by going to play store or click on the link given below-


You must have known above about downloading the Windy app and if there is still any problem in downloading this application, then click on the link given below and you will reach the direct play store as soon as you click on the link. With which you will be able to download Windy App easily!

The interface of Windy app looks something like this –

How to use Windy app?

After installing the Windy app, open it whose interface looks something like this-

  • Now click on the don option to turn on the location (GPS) in it.
  • Now it shows wherever there will be a storm.
  • And by clicking on the place where there is a storm, its speed is known.
  • And the date is given below, by clicking on which you can know where the storm will come next.

How to use Windy App For this, first of all you have to install Windy application from Google Play Store. After this you can use this application as well as Windy App provides you to know the problem like meteorology stormy at your location.

Thus we can use windy. You can also get information about the storm from the com web site.


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