Getting a Ready-Made Site with Professional Construction Company Website Templates

Website building is a must for those who take care of their audience. Big players and well-known brands are ready to spend good money to hire developers and designers for their would-be sites. Unique content is what makes people visit your website nowadays. It should be high-quality too, with all features well-functioning. The good news is that one doesn’t have to sacrifice quality to get an online presence in a pocket-friendly way. It becomes possible with professional TemplateMonster’s construction company website templates. One can manage powerful websites with beautiful designs without having special skills or previous site-building experience. How to select between templates? What features should you search for? What is the difference between multipurpose and niche products? Let’s figure it out together!

Pro Construction Company Website Templates

Professional Construction Company Website Templates

Modern templates are sets of online pages that are pre-made for quick website building. They come with pre-designed pages and different features and web design elements. Users of all skill levels can work with the products. No coding is needed, although you can change the source code if you need. Thanks to pre-syles UI components and a handy content builder page editing is as easy as ABC.

So, how to edit the templates for construction company? Depending on the purchased product, you have a built-in website editor, like Elementor for WordPress themes. The tool works on a popular drag-and-drop technology. It allows editing site pages, creating new ones, and duplicating them without trouble. Here is how to customize a template’s page.

  1. Go to your page builder.
  2. Open the needed page.
  3. Open the library of pre-sets.
  4. Select the required feature or content element.
  5. Drag and drop it to the page.
  6. Replace if needed.
  7. Change the setting up to your taste.
  8. Save the changes.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the page editing process.

Topics Construction Company Templates Cover

Who can use the templates and what topics do they cover? Depending on the selected item, you have a multipurpose or niche design. The last one is just what the doctor ordered if you need a single website related to your business. It comes with topic-oriented features. Here are the topics to cover with niche website templates for construction companies:

  • Real estate;
  • Industry & construction;
  • Architecture, factory, and engineering;
  • Tools & equipment;
  • Roofing repair;
  • Home services & handyman,
  • Electrician and Plumbing Repair;
  • Air Conditioning;
  • Home Automation, Cameras, and Security Systems;
  • Paving and Tiding Services;
  • House Cleaning Company;
  • Building Materials;
  • Maintenance Services;
  • Home Appliance Repair;
  • Garage Door and Shutter Services;
  • Fixing Master;
  • Interior Design. etc.

At the same time, multipurpose templates are good if you need more than a single website. These products are commonly used by:

  • Big companies that build multiple websites;
  • Marketers;
  • Designers & developers.


Running a site with multipurpose construction company themes saves time and money. To illustrate, Monstroid 2 by TemplateMonster has the next demos:

  • Production studio;
  • Flower boutique and florist;
  • Corporate;
  • Game portal;
  • In tech;
  • Fashion;
  • Car repair;
  • Financial advisor;
  • Language school;
  • Lingerie;
  • Restaurant;
  • Design studio;
  • Donation;
  • Wine testing;
  • Bakery;
  • Makeup arctic;
  • Interior design;
  • Hotel;
  • Education;
  • Teaching portfolio;
  • Logistic;
  • Model;
  • Electrician;
  • Houe construction;
  • Tattoo, etc.

And these are not even half of the available demos! There are 70+ skins available. Multipurpose themes are perfect for those who make money on website building. They are time-saving and further your workflow,

To finish with, let’s take a look at a few excellent examples of what a well-designed construction company website template should contain in the pack.


This niche multipurpose WordPress theme is perfect for all kinds of construction businesses. It has 32 ready-made skins and 50+ pre-designed pages related to construction, architecture, road construction; house lifting and moving, pool, and rent. building materials, and much more. Besides, BuildWall comes with the next essentials:

  • multifunctional MegaMenu meant to showcase all of your pages neatly;
  • team member sections to introduce your team;
  • smart counters to showcase the number of your projects, happy clients, etc.;
  • blocks with testimonials to place the best clients’ reviews;
  • price lists to showcase the price policy in your company;
  • subscription field for clients to receive newsletters;
  • attractive posts organized on the news page and the home page;
  • Google map block for people to find the most convenient ways to your offices;
  • contact form to allow users to leave you a message, question, or review.

Top Features

Top-notch website templates for home and construction websites should contain the following:
Search Engine Optimization;

  • Pixel-perfect design;
  • Bootstrap functionality;
  • Retina readiness;
  • Gallery styles;
  • Blog modules;
  • Translation options;
  • Mega footer;
  • Header styles;
  • Customizable logo;
  • DropDown Menu;
  • Sticky navigation;
  • Social media integration;
  • Contact forms;
  • Newsletter;
  • Social integration;
  • Ajax functionality.

Also, don’t forget to check the niche-related options, like online booking. It would make the website more visitor-oriented and save you time. Thanks to the feature, people could book appointments online.

Besides, you might want to use these elegant features for a better online showcase:

  1. Parallax scrolling – grabs the viewer’s attention with a stunning illusion of depth and motion;
  2. Lazy Load effect – beautifully loads your image content;
  3. Background videos – highlight product details and create interactive backgrounds;
  4. Animated design elements – pro templates allow animating your menu, buttons, icons, logos, and other website elements.

Sometimes it is essential to highlight the product or service. Here are some more features to use:

  • Collection List;
  • Collection Banners;
  • Featured Products;
  • Newsletter;
  • Single Product;
  • Slideshow;
  • Gallery;
  • Blog posts;
  • Images with text overlay;
  • Text columns with images;
  • Custom content.

Quick Summary Tips

To sum everything up, modern technologies allow getting professional websites with small experience. Now you know how to run a worthy website for your business and which features are better to use. But how can you stand out from the crowd? Here are the things to consider when working on your home improvement and renovation website:

  • Email marketing with regular sales and updates notifications;
  • Special offers for new customers;
  • Rewards for regular customers;
  • Attractive offers like free shipping;
  • CTA elements to collect shopper data;
  • Customer reviews with star ratings;
  • Online chat.

These quick but working tips would help you to interest more people and guide them through the project’s content.

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