wordpress disable comments – How to Disable Comments from WordPress Site?

wordpress disable comments, Friends, do you want to disable Comments from your WordPress site? So you have just come to the right place, friends, today we will tell you how to disable comments from WordPress site.

As soon as we install WordPress on our site, WordPress comment box gets activated by default. But there are many such pages and posts on our WordPress blog, where comment box is not required or we do not want anyone to comment on them.

wordpress disable comments [Remove Comments & Stop Spam]

How to Disable Comments in WordPress (Step by Step) – WordPress allows us to disable comments from specific posts, pages, custom post types. We can disable comment enable according to our requirement. You can disable comments from the entire WordPress website.

1. wordpress disable comments – To stop comments on all future posts (and pages):

wordpress disable comments
wordpress disable comments

What is WordPress Comment?

A default comment box is given in WordPress, from which the visitor can ask his thoughts or questions by commenting or can share thoughts about that post, the admin and writer of that blog can reply or reply on any blog post and page. But whoever expresses his views, only comment is called by the comment box, many visitors can comment and express their views.

Why Disable Comments from WordPress Site?

WordPress comments show the popularity of your website, but there can be the following reasons for disabling comments from WordPress.

  1. Only 10% of the comments in a WordPress site are genuine. Many of these comments are spam. That’s why many Blog Owners like to disable comments on their blogs.
  2. If you have a small site and there is no blog section on it. If there are only static pages (services, about us, contact etc.), then the comment box is not required.
  3. If you publish a post like announcements and don’t want to allow comments. In these cases, you can easily disable comments on those specific posts or pages.

Friends, we will give you a WordPress tutorial on how to disable comments in WordPress. please keep reading this article

How to Disable Comments from WordPress Site?

  • Disable Comments from a Specific Post
  • To deactivate comments from any post on the site, you must edit that post.
  • After that scroll down to the Discussion section and uncheck Allow Comments.
  • Now, the comment box will be deactivated from that specific post.

NoTE – If it is not displayed in Discussion option, then you have to click on Screen Options and here you have to enable Discussion option.

Disable Comments from Multiple Post

If you want to disable comment from multiple posts,

  • You have to click on Post >> All Post >> Edit >> Apply.
  • Now a quick edit option will open in front of you.
  • You have to go to the Comment Drop Down box.
  • There are two options here Allow / Do Not Allow
  • Select Do not Allow here.

Now the comment box will be disabled from your selected posts and visitors will no longer be able to comment on your article. But the old comment will appear on the post.

Disable Comment from Future Post or Page

To deactivate WordPress comments from your Future Post or Page, click on Settings >> Discussion

After that uncheck the Allow user to post comments on new posts box.

Disable Comments on Date Base

  • If you want to deactivate comments from your posts after a certain time or date, click on Settings >> Discussion and check the box Automatically close comments on posts older than.
  • Now when you publish a post, after 14 days the comments will be automatically deactivated on the post.
  • Disable Comments in WordPress Pages and post Using plugin
  • First of all, install and activate the No Page Comment plugin on your site.
  • To configure No Page Comment Plugin, click on Settings >> No Page Comment.
  • If you want to disable the comments box from new pages and posts, check the Comments and trackbacks box.

Apart from this, if you want to remove comment box from all old posts and pages, then click on Disable All Comments and Disable All Trackbacks buttons.

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Friends in wordpress disable comments Article, I hope this post has enabled you to easily disable comments from your WordPress site.

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