xml to csv python – How to Convert XML to CSV using python?

xml to csv python : In this article, you will learn how to convert data from XML format to a CSV file using Python. Python has a set of helpful Libraries and Packages that minimize the use of code in our everyday life.

This quality of Python makes it a hot pick among a large portion of the development, especially for Data Scientists. Some devloper approval Python because of its reliability as well as genuine.

A important benefits of this is that it is so easy to work with massive datasets.

xml to csv python – Python (Convert XML to CSV)


XML plays an important role in web services. With the help of this, i can simply exchange data between different platforms. It provides a structured way to mark up data arranged in a tree like hierarchy.

It is also known as a document representation language. As it reduces complexity and data can be read by different incompatible web applications, it becomes a best choice in web services and data exchange. In default, the XML can be somewhat heavier.

You’re sending more details, which implies you required more transfer speed, more extra room, and more run time.


CSV file stands for “comma-separated-values”, as it uses a comma to separate values. This is a lots fo the platforms used file format that stores data in a tabular format.

All most popular programming languages have tools or web applications to support CSV file format. As the details in XML format is not readable by default clients, i may required to transform it to some easy-to-understand format like CSV.

In web development, i can easily import/export to a CSV file and i can also convert any file format to a CSV file. These are the processes to convert an XML data to a CSV file.

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xml to csv python Example

Suppose i have the following xml file that contains a office member records –

xml to csv python
xml to csv python

		[email protected]
		2022-08-02 14:16:07
		[email protected]
		2022-09-01 11:06:07
		[email protected]
		2022-01-05 18:30:07

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Here is the complete source code to convert an XML to CSV file using Python. There are different libraries as well some more ways are available to parse the XML, but I am using ElementTree module.

It provides parse() method to parses the XML. The parsed data are stored in a DataFrame using the Python Pandas module. It is a two-dimensional data structure.

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
import pandas as pd  

cols = ["memberfullname", "mobile", "email", "join_dt"]
rows = []

#Parse XML file
tree = ET.parse('member.xml')
root = tree.getroot()
for elem in root:
        memberfullname = elem.find("memberfullname").text
        mobile = elem.find("mobile").text
        email = elem.find("email").text
        join_dt = elem.find("join_dt").text 
        rows.append({"memberfullname": memberfullname, 
                  "mobile": mobile,
                  "email": email,
                  "join_dt": join_dt})

df = pd.DataFrame(rows, columns = cols) 
# write dataframe to csv

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