scheme if else – If..else, Nested If..else and else..if Statement with example

scheme if else Statements : In this article we introduce Scheme’s conditional expressions. The if-then and if-then-else Statements. If x = 4 and y=5. which of these statements are true? Which are false? Compound Conditions.

scheme if else : Scheme control structures are expressions, and return values.

scheme if else statements with Example

First of all, it define a variable d_no and assign 11 to it.

Checks if d_no is less than 10, in which case is false, therefor it skip d_no, and go to the next argument which is another if statement.

The second if checks if the d_no is greater than 20, d_no is not, therefor it skip the first argument d_no as well as proceed to the second argument which is expression to multiply d_no by 2, as well as the output of the multiplication is the output of this “scheme if else” program.

It prints 22 since 11 times 2 is 22.

scheme if else statements

(define d_no 11)
(if (< d_no 10)
    (if (> d_no 20)
        (* d_no 2)

Results: scheme if else

;Loading "ifelse.scm"... done
;Value: 22

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Scheme Programming/Conditionals

Truth values in Scheme

> (not #t)
> (not #f)

and and or

> (and #t #f)
> (or #f (not #f))
> (and (> 3 2) #t)
> (or (<= 3 2) (zero? (- 10 3)))

Simple Conditionals: if

> (if #t 1 0)
> (if (>= 5 8) 3 (+ 7 2))

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How does `if` statement work in Scheme?

It's Uses to "Applicative programming language".

An Introduction to Scheme and its Implementation

scheme if else
scheme if else

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