You To Gift Review – Instagram & Youtube Random Comment Picker

You To Gift Review – Many Youtubers or Social Media Influencers keep doing some giveaway from time to time to grow their social media accounts.

For which he asks people to first follow me on this social media and then like the post posted by me, and after 4 to 5 days any 3 people among you will be declared the winner of this Giveaway. will be done,

Now it is very clear that a lot of people participate in the Giveaway, whose number is in thousands or even lakhs, then how do these Social Media Influencers choose 3 people at random?

If you are thinking that he selects only 3 people from his mind, then you are completely wrong, because doing so creates doubt in the minds of other people.

Well, this work becomes easy with You To Gift, which easily gives the list of winners of any giveaway without any disagreement, and in today’s post, we are going to give you a very good review of You To Gift Service, so Let us start this post without wasting much time.

What is You To Gift?

First of all, let us tell you that You To Gift is a Random Instagram Followers Picker as well as Youtube Random Comment Picker. Which is used by Social Media Influencers to choose the Random Winner of their Giveaway,

Understand this with an example. Suppose you organize a Giveaway to increase subscribers on your YouTube, in which everyone can participate, for which they just have to subscribe to your YouTube Channel, and subscribe to a particular video. Must like and comment,

Now suppose that a total of 1000 people have participated in your Giveaway, but out of these you have to make only 3 people the winners of the Giveaway, then you can do this work very easily through You To Gift Website, for this you have to First of all, you have to go to the website of and click on the option of choosing a YouTube winner.

After this, you have to give the link of that particular video, where you have to like or comment to participate in your Giveaway, after this you have to enter the number of the winner here and click on the option of choosing a winner.

Now after this, you will have to pay some fees according to the comments received on your video, after paying the fees, you will get a comment from a random person, who becomes the winner of your giveaway.

Here are 8 main features of You to Gift service:

Here we are telling you about some features of You To Gift Service, so that you can know You To Gift very well in a short time.

  1. You To Gift is a 100% secure comment picker service, to use which you do not need to register or create any other account.
  2. Universal. With You to Gift, you can determine the winner by likes, comments (all or only unique), as well as profile subscriptions. Additionally, you can upload the database of subscribers, likes, comments from any open Instagram account to Excel or CSV.
  3. Honest. You to Gift will upload 100% of the information and won’t miss anything. After the competition, an Excel-document containing a numbered list of participants is available. Post its link on your social networks so that viewers can find themselves in the table and make sure that the results are summarized objectively.
  4. You To Gift Services was established in the year 2019, since then till date You To Gift has helped in choosing the winner of more than 1,750,000 contests (Giveaways), About 2 thousand people have given good ratings about this service, and this rating has been given by a real person.
  5. If you want, you can also use its official application (You To Gift) by downloading it from Google Play Store or App Store, from where you can also download Excel Sheet of likes, comments, subscribers and followers.
  6. If you accidentally forget to record the screen of your device while selecting the winner of the giveaway.
  7. You To Gift App will remind you about it, and show a pop up window from where you can select the Start Now option.
  8. You can turn on Screen Recoding by clicking on, after the draw is over, your video will be saved in the gallery, which you can show to your other followers, so that they will understand that you have chosen the winner honestly.

You can see the guide image of these steps here below.

You to Gift Review

You to Gift Review

Here now we are going to tell you about some special features of You To Gift Services,

Pick a winner

  1. To choose the winner of the draw i.e. Giveaway, first of all you have to go to the official website of Aoko You To Gift, now after coming here, if you have done any giveaway on Instagram, then you will click on the option of choosing Instagram winner, but the same If you have done a giveaway on YouTube, then you will click on the YouTube option. For example, we click on the Instagram option here.
  2. Now here you will have to give the link of that post on which you have asked your followers to comment or like, for this, first of all you open that post in your Instagram, copy its link and come here again and click on that link. Will paste it.
  3. Many times when we do a Giveaway, many people start commenting from the same ID to become the winner, so you can remove this problem from here. For this, you can choose Block 2 i.e. Unique Commenter, in which you will be given recognition for only one comment of one person.
  4. But if you do not want to do this, then you can choose the option of Block-1 i.e. all tympani, in this situation the possibility of that user becoming the winner increases significantly, then comment on your post again and again from the same ID. Well, after deciding the criteria for choosing the winner, all of you come down and enter the number of the winner.
  5. After entering the number of winners, now click on the “Pick a winner” button, this has been explained very well in the guide image given above.
  6. After clicking on the Pick A Winner option, You To Gift will determine the Random Person as the winner according to the number of your winners. To know the name of the Winner, now you just click on the Pick A Winner option. have to click.
  7. As soon as you click on the option of Pick A Winner, a pop up opens in front of you, in which the name of the Giveaway Winner is shown.
  8. Here You To Gift also tells you whether the winner has liked your Instagram profile and the post on which you had asked to comment or not. If there is a winner who does not fulfill the criteria to become the winner, then you can change the winner by clicking on the Change Winner option.
  9. If you want to see all the comments of the winner, then for this you can click on the option of viewing the timpani of the participant, this will show you all the comments of the winner.
  10. To close any Giveaway in You To Gift, you can close the Giveaway by clicking on “Complete the giveaway”. After closing the Giveaway, you will have the link of its results and Excel and CSV file of the winners. With this you get the option to download the pictures of the winners.

You can download these files and share them among your followers and winners of the giveaway.

Export data

  1. To extract the data of your Instagram account’s followers or likes and comments on any post in Excel or CSV format, first of all you have to click on the option of Export data, then you have to give the link of your Instagram account or any particular post.
  2. Above you also have to choose whether you want to extract the data of only likes and comments in Excel or CSV format, or you want to extract the data of only followers,
  3. You To Gift prepares Excel file and CSV file by editing your followers, likes and comments, which you can download in your device in one click.

Random generators

  1. In this option you get two services, which are absolutely free. That means, to use these features of You To Gift, you do not need to pay in any way.
  2. You can choose any random number through random number generator. Here you can also apply the minimum and maximum number of the incoming random number, so that you get the expected result.
  3. Through Random List Generator, you can make any Random List from your list a winner, for example, you can write the names of your friends here, after that you can click on the Generate option and choose any one Random Friend.


In the end, we want you to say that if you are a Youtuber or Social Media Influencer, then whenever you do any Giveaway in the future, you must try You To Gift Service once to choose its winner.

We are confident that You To Gift’s amazing Winner Comment Picker Service will never let you face disappointment, and you will easily be able to choose a random person as a winner in your giveaway.

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