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Meet Yuvraj bhainsa, who is the strongest buffalo in the world, knowing the price of which you will also be shocked

Have you ever seen 9 crore buffalo? Whose fan is PM Modi. The world’s strongest buffalo, buffaloes, you must have seen thousands of buffaloes, but today you are being shown the news of a buffalo who is the hulk of the buffalo world. Yes, this is the buffalo whose name is Yuvraj bhainsa and PM Modi has also taken time out to see this buffalo.

9 crore buffalo will be surprised to know the month’s earnings

Yuvraj bhainsa The Bull – Murrah Buffalo Breed from India

yuvraj bhainsa
yuvraj bhainsa

In fact, in the Global Agritech Meet to be held in Jaipur, this time everyone’s eyes are on Yuvraj of Murrah breed. Even before this, Yuvraj has raised the glory of many exhibitions in North India.

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Let us tell you that Yuvraj’s owner had also refused to sell him for 9 crores.

Murrah breeds are considered to be the best breed of buffalo in the world and are commonly found in Haryana and Punjab. Although some buffaloes of this breed are also found in Western UP.


Yuvraj bhainsa came into the news when his owner Karmaveer, who lives in Kurukshetra, Haryana, turned down an offer to sell him for 9 crores.

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The reason behind this was that Karmaveer earns fifty lakh rupees every year by selling Yuvraj’s sperm and participating in cattle shows. One of the finest buffaloes of the Murrah breed, Yuvraj has won 17 National Awards so far.

Not only this, till now one and a half lakh calves have been born from the sperm of Yuvraj bhainsa. According to the news, Yuvraj’s mother also used to give 25 liters of milk a day.

According to Yuvraj’s owner Karmaveer, Yuvraj generates from 3.5 ml to five ml high quality sperm in a day. In this, the cost of 0.25 ml of sperm is about 1500 rupees.


Yuvraj is 14 feet tall and 6 feet high. Drinks 20 liters of milk in a day. Eats 5 kg of fruits and 15 kg of animal feed, not only this, Yuvraj bhainsa also runs 5 kilo meters.

Let us tell you that a farmer had made an offer of 7 crores to buy this buffalo and recently a South African milk trader also expressed his desire to buy this buffalo for Rs 9 crores. But Yuvraj’s owner Karmaveer turned down all these offers.

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